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How Much Does Earlobe Reduction Cost?

Just earlobe reduction, no other procedures READ MORE

Ear Surgery to Reduce Earlobe Size?

I have large ears and earlobes. I know the ear pinning would take care of most of the protrusion problem, and thus make my ears look smaller. But is... READ MORE

Uneven Ears After Otoplasty?

I had a Bilateral Otoplasty done 3 months ago and my one ear hurts more than the other and they are still a little numb/tingly when I run my finger... READ MORE

Help with Sagging Earlobes

I hate my saggy earlobes so when I saw an ad for Ear Lift invisible earlobe-support tape I was intrigued. Does it work? What will work to lift them up? READ MORE

Correcting Large and Asymmetrical Earlobes?

Dear Doctor: I am a 48 year old female. I believe that my earlobes are too large and have gotten larger since I aged. Also, I feel one ear looks... READ MORE

Should I Tie a String Around my Hypertrophic Scar on my Ear to Remove It?

I just lost my job, so I have no insurance and can't afford surgery. My ear got massively infected, and after messing with it too much over the... READ MORE

How Much Does It Cost to Reduce 7cm Ears?

I have 7 cm ears and I am considering reduction surgery. My earlobes and top of the ears need to be reduced. How much would it cost and how long will... READ MORE

Ear Otoplasty and Ear Piercing?

After how long after can i get my second piercing on the lobe? thank you READ MORE

Day 3 after Otoplasty - Earlobes Very Swollen and Protruding a lot (dumbo ears) (Photo)

I got otoplasty done 3 days ago and the whole purpose was to correct the "telephone" shape of my ears by setting back the earlobes a bit. They were... READ MORE

Can earlobes be pinned back during otoplasty surgery? (Photo)

I am booked for a bilateral surgery in a few weeks time and have spoken to my doctor about the procedure. I am worried that my earlobes will still... READ MORE

Otoplasty swelling. My earlobes look disproportionate to my actual ears. What should I do?

I have just received an otoplasty and i am about two weeks into recovery. My ear lobes look unproportional to my my actual ear. I read that earlobes... READ MORE

Otoplasty gone bad? Right earlobe stick out much more than left one. (photos)

I had Otoplasty surgery. I'm really happy with the result in the left ear (left in the photo). The right one though, has the earlobe sticking out a... READ MORE

Undercorrection otoplasty or just swelling?(photo)

It's now 2 months that I had a otoplasty. Have my ears been undercorrected? Because they still stick out or is it just the swelling (photo)? My... READ MORE

How much does ear size reduction and earlobe attachment change cost?

Im 16 years old but ive always been self conscious about my ears...there saggy and fat. I also want to get my ears attached because I think free... READ MORE

My ears are HUGE, stick out & curved with a little too much ear lobe. What surgeries will they need? And total cost? (photo)

I didn't want to spend too much on my ears or have a lot of surgery but it's almost like what do they NOT need!? I thought they just needed pinning... READ MORE

Should I get otoplasty surgery if I have a keloid on my ear?

I was looking into getting the otoplasty procedure done, however, I have a keloid on the back side of my left ear lobe from a piercing I had done... READ MORE

How do I fix my ears? I am eager to wear my hair up (Photo)

This seems to be a unique/rare situation... what technique would be needed for this? I recently had an otoplasty and my surgeon reduced and sutured my... READ MORE

Is ear reshaping possible for a male? I want the earlobe connected to the side of the face? (Photo)

I want my earlobe to be connected to the side of my face. Also I want my ears slightly put backwards as they stick out. Is it possible to make my... READ MORE

2 months post op Otoplasty, earlobe sticks out. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello i've done otoplasty 2 months ago.Yesterday i was on consultation with my surgeon im very satisfated with the result.But my right ear down there... READ MORE

Do my earlobes need to be pinned and setback? Is earlobe pinning a safe procedure? Will there be a visible excess skin? (photo)

I had an otoplasty almost 3 months ago in which cartilage was removed and permenant sutures were used. I went to see my doctor last week regarding my... READ MORE

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