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Doctor Recommendation for Macrotia Surgery

Hi there. Well after a otoplasty, i realized that i needed is a macrotia cause my ears lenght is 7cm. and almost 4cm width. Its really hard to find an... READ MORE

Deformed Earlobe Otoplasty? (photo)

Hi, Im 20 years old and as long as I can remember I used to be teased at school for my ears, I have large ears and aside from that they my ear lobes... READ MORE

Surgeon for Revision Otoplasty

Hello, I am looking for an experienced surgeon for a revision otoplasty in New York? Any tips? Thank you so much! READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Helix Rim Surgery in the United Kingdom

Hi, ive had surgey on my ears over a year ago, the normal otoplasty procedure and they still stick out at the tops, i went back to my surgen and told... READ MORE

Otoplasty Revision, Cartilage Graft or MEDPOR? Doctor Recommendations? (photo)

Unilateral-otoplasty 2 months ago conchal setback. I didnt do enough research prior to surgery, and now realize that my ear needed work on the... READ MORE

In Need of Ear Doctor ASAP, That Specializes in Surfers Ear Surgery?

Had surfers ear since 15, now 40. This summer my ear got infected from the ocean. I have no health insurance. The ear is swelled shut so nothing can... READ MORE

How Much Would Ear Sculpting Cost?

Very greatful with the response i got from the doctors, thankyou. I just wanted to know roughly how much ear sculpting would cost and could anyone... READ MORE

Is anyone doing Dr. Merck's stitch method in or near California?

So I've been looking into Dr. Merck's stitch method and it seems really promising. I like how minimally invasive it is and how there is very little... READ MORE

Reconstructing ear after failed otoplasty?

I had an otoplasty on one ear, and it was a complete failure. The surgeon ended up removing a lot of cartilage and skin from my conchal bowl causing... READ MORE

I have pointy on my ears that are elf like. About how much is the price range for that and when you go for a consultation?

I have points to my ears and am very much considering having them removed, as I am extremely self conscious about them.b About how much is the price... READ MORE

Otoplasty - Need Revision & Scar Improvement (Photo)

Would love opinion on 2 yr old otoplasty. Had 1 revision. Had deep, large bowls, and some protrusion. Used local anesthesia, Atlanta reputable doctor.... READ MORE

Big ears and ear lobes. Would like a completely new set of smaller beautiful symmetrical natural looking ears. (Photo)

As per above. I'm balding much, paternal heritage, 34, male, severe anxiety sufferer. Looking for best ear surgery doctor in North America preferably... READ MORE

I need a generous surgeon who is willing to do an Otoplasty!

Hello the short story is that I have protruding ears. I have suffered with this a long time. I am a junior in High School and I am so tired of being... READ MORE

In search of a doctor who can reconstruct my ear on both sides (helix) (Photo)

Left ear was attempted to be corrected as it was lopped, the attempt was failed caritilage is very bumpy and rough looking very un-appealing, would... READ MORE

Ear shape, ocoplasty not pinning. Can a good shape be achieved in UK? (Photo)

I've been planning on getting my ears done and been reading into it quite a bit. I don't want them just folding back because I believe the error is... READ MORE

I'm Currently Researching a Potential Cosmetic Surgery for my Ears?

My particular case is one of extreme protrusion, I would like this corrected to look "natural." The second issue is that the tops of my ears come to... READ MORE

Who is best surgeon in the field revision otoplasty?

Who is best surgeon in the field revision otoplasty?ı had my first done2years ago to the so called best esthetic surgeon in turkey,operating the ... READ MORE

Is there any doctor in Arizona that can give my ear a helix? (photos)

I don't want to have my ears pinned back they don't stick out, i just want to have a curl on the top. I did some research and found some methods out... READ MORE

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