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What is This Deformity on my Ear? (photo)

I have had this deformity on my ear since birth. It's a pointy piece of cartilage protruding from my left ear on the rim. What is it exactly and can... READ MORE

Can Otoplasty Be Performed on a Deformed Ear?

I've protruding ears and I got my left ear pierced on the cartilage and it had an infection and got deformed slightly. Is it possible to fix it up... READ MORE

Would surgery fix my misshapen ear cartilage? (photo)

I got my tragus pierced the summer of 2011, but it got infected and swelled up so I had to get it lanced. Unfortunately, the conch part of my ear also... READ MORE

5 days post-otoplasty. Is it possible that my right ear got squished and stuck together? Will it heal? (Photo)

My Doctor told me this is the swelling that is causing the ear to close up like that. My left ear looks beautiful still bruised but great. Will my... READ MORE

I am 3 months post otoplasty, would ear shape change, what revision is needed? (photos)

I have done otoplasty 3 months ago only in my left ear because it was protruding , and now it's deformed, would it improve? Need your help READ MORE

Can Ear Cartilage Be Placed Back in Ear Once Removed?

I got a rhinoplasty recently using ear cartilage to raise the bridge. I was told that my ear would look the same but it looks deformed in the inside... READ MORE

Do I need otoplasty? (Photo)

I am considering having an otoplasty. My ears are deformed, but just a bit. Still, it's bothering me, but not as much as when I was little... READ MORE

Bad Otoplasty? Is this normal? (Photos)

I had otoplasty about three weeks ago and my ears don't look very normal. My ear shape before was fine I was just missing the antihelix . My incision... READ MORE

The top part of my ear was grabbed during martial arts. It still does not hurt but it is bent. Will this heal on its own?

I can feel a small (1cm) split which has caused a"bent"inside my this is not visible from outside & in the mirror it looks identical to my... READ MORE

Will it ever be normal ? (photos)

Hi, having had Otoplasty and a second revision due to asymmetry I am still far from happy. My ear looks deformed, can this be operated on again to get... READ MORE

Does the result seem to be good? (Photo)

I did a flap over ear i would like to know if the final look will be good or not and the ear will be noticed as deformed READ MORE

Will my deformed ear correct itself? (photos)

I had ear correction surgery 3 weeks ago on both ears. My left ear is perfect. My problem is with my right ear. It is very out of shape and deformed.... READ MORE

Is my ear deformed or is this just normal? (photos)

Over the past five years I've been noticing that my ears have been becoming more pointed my right ear has always pointed at the top but now my left... READ MORE

My ears are deformed. One protrudes like a bat and other has a fold on helix. Is the only solution to pin both back? (photo)

Also I feel like my jaw is misaligned and it pops, will there be any risks in the results of the surgery if my jaw isn't equal. I would wet much... READ MORE

My ears are deformed. I want to know what options I have for surgery (Photo)

One of my ears is a constricted/lop ear (it has a fold on the helix) and the other protrudes out like a bat ear, what is the solution for correction,... READ MORE

Will ear shape improve? It's been 3 months since surgery (Photo)

I made otoplasty in my left ear before 3 months because it was protruding more than the right ear, I am satisfied about the pinning of the ear because... READ MORE

Middle third of ear pinned way too far back. Any suggestions?

Nearly 5 weeks post otoplasty and one of my ears looks deformed. The middle part has been pinned so far back that the anti helix no longer lines up... READ MORE

Deformation on the skin of my ear. What can I do about it? (Photo)

I have dandruff problems for at least 10 years. And now, the skin of my right ear started to deteriorate and take a dandruff like shape. what is it,... READ MORE

What would I need to do about my deformed ears and keloids? (photos)

My ears are deformed in my keloids are inflamed and they have grown over time they can be painful and itchy and cause great discomfort. I don't like... READ MORE

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