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I Ripped my Scab off 1 Week After my Ear Otoplasty Surgery is This Gonna Be a Problem?

I Ripped my Scab off 1 Week After my Ear Otoplasty Surgery is This Gonna Be a Problem? READ MORE

Can i ride a motorcycle if i had ear otoplasty done? Will the tightness of the helmet mess up my ears?

I just wanted to know if any one whose had ear otoplasty rides a motorcycle, and if the motorcycle helmet affects your ears in any way. I had the... READ MORE

Can an Otoplasty Be Damaged Six Years After the Operation Occured?

I had an otoplasty 7 years ago and a follow-up surgery 6 years ago. During some horseplay I was accidentally hit in the ear relatively hard. I keep... READ MORE

I pulled my ear and ripped it apart. Do I need stitches?

Do I need to go to the hospital my pain from 1-10 is like a 4 but do I need stitches for it to get back togetheR READ MORE

Hit Ear After Otoplasty?

A few days ago while playing basketball ball hitted the upper part of my ear. I had otoplasty almost a year ago. At this moment ear hasn't changed... READ MORE

Wait Time for Otoplasty After Puncturing Inside With Needle?

So I hit my ear a couple of days ago and thought it was more swollen than it really was so I poked in it with a needle into the cartilage to... READ MORE

Could I have damaged ear after otoplasty by slightly bending it and removing scabs?

I bent one ear forward when trying to clean out dried blood behind my ear. I felt only slight pain for a second and no bleeding. How easy is it to rip... READ MORE

Cauliflower ear reconstruction possible to very damaged ear? (Photo)

My boyfriend is in the UFC and has gotten cauliflower ear from years of mma and grappling. He plans to stop mma within a year or two and was wondering... READ MORE

I want to remove a Darwinian tubercle in my left ear, but I had an otoplasty 3 years ago and I'm afraid I could damage it.

I had an otoplasty 3 years ago to correct assimetry and prominent ears. I'm happy with the result, but I want to remove a Darwinian tubercle that was... READ MORE

Is it normal to have muscular pain after Otoplasty?

I had bilateral otoplasty 4 days ago. I noticed once the anesthetic had worn off that I had strong muscular pain 1 side when I tried to eat in the... READ MORE

Would stretching parts of ear long time after otoplasty cause a permanent change in ear shape/position?

The first surgery I had, I was operated with cartilage removal and the second with reshaping sutures a year ago.. I am still unhappy. When I hold the... READ MORE

Is this keloid scar ruining my otoplasty result? (Photo)

So it's been around 2 years since I had my otoplasty, I have since developed a keloid scarring behind one of the ears, I'm not entirely sure when this... READ MORE

What would be an example or examples of significant trauma that could damage otoplasty results?

 What would be an example or examples of significant trauma after 6 years? I didn't appear to have any swelling afterward. Would damage have... READ MORE

I am from Pakistan and I want plastic surgery on my one ear which is damaged by birth (Photo)

I want to know that what will the cost of the surgery and what will its time duration and will my ear will be similar to my other side ear and what... READ MORE

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