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Ear Surgery for Asymmetrical Ears?

Help! My ears are different. One is close to the head and the other one is prominent. Can this be corrected? What is it called? READ MORE

Can my ear be corrected? Failed otoplasty. (photos)

I got an otoplasty done 2 weeks ago. As you can see in my picture, one ear looks natural but my left ear looks completely chopped, my ENT... READ MORE

Time Between Surgery and Correction Surgery? (photo)

Hi, one year ago i had otoplasty on my both ears, the right ear is really nice as a result but the left one wasnt, i have done 2 correction surgries... READ MORE

Follow-up to my first question about my revision otoplasty "Can this otoplasty be corrected?" (Photo)

These are two more photos of my ears.The doctor suggested that the upper half of the left ear should change shape and the two ears should go closer to... READ MORE

Can a Little Split on the Top of my Ears Be Corrected?

Hi, i had otoplasty, and then after a few months i realized the top of both my ears had split, can this be corrected with stitches? o what do i need... READ MORE

My one ear that is misshapen. Will this be easily correctable w/ surgery. Is it likely to cost multiple thousands dollar?(photo)

Ear with red circle in the picture is the one that I want to have corrected to match the other ear. It just slightly protrudes relatively to the other... READ MORE

Should a revision otoplasty be performed to fix under corrected ear? (Photo)

My son had an otoplasty seven days ago. We are very happy with the results of the right ear, but we see that the left lacks an antihelical fold, and... READ MORE

After ear correction, how long do I need to wait before I start lifting weights? (photo)

Will weight training affect my ear correction surgery? The only reason i havent done the ear correction surgery is that i am afraid i will loose... READ MORE

Can a monolateral telephone ear be corrected 3 years after last surgery? (photos)

I'm an italian guy that have 2 otoplasty surgeries, first with no permanent suture and 2nd with permanent(nylon from what say another plastic surgeon)... READ MORE

I had otoplasty done. I had a Stahl's ear that was corrected and I need help please (Photo)

I had my stahls ear corrected and i was stressing about the my ear going to look more natural with time..did my doctor do a good job???... READ MORE

Can I still correct these ears after the first otoplasty? (photos)

I am disappointed and really stressed. until now i still cant put my hair up(as required in my profession) its been a year and my ears turned from bad... READ MORE

Big ear Troubles! Any suggestions for corrections?

I am 18 years old boy . I have a problem in my ear because the larger than normal because of bone cantilever . Behind the ear . Can you correct it READ MORE

Will the bunching of skin around my ears ever rectify? Do you think the left ear requires correction? (photos)

Will the bunching of skin around my ears ever rectify? Do you think the left ear requires correction? I am three week post short scar facelift with... READ MORE

My right ear is obscured by my right side of my face. Is there a reasonably safe way to correct that? (photos)

Even when my face is facing directly to the front, my right ear is hidden, causing a noticeable asymmetry. What is the risk of surgery to on the right... READ MORE

Top of the ear folded over. How much to correct?

Hi, The top of my right year has been folded over since birth. The fold is roughly 1cm. This does make my my right ear appear slightly lower than my... READ MORE

Both my ears are asymmetrical. Which ear should I correct? (Photo)

If I am going to do otoplasty surgery, which ear should I correct? Is the prominent side that I should correct? At the same time, the one that are not... READ MORE

How many days until third otoplasty? (Photos at day 16)

First otoplasty was under corrected. At second (2 years later) otoplasty; left ear became telephone ear, right ear became deformed (it's bent even... READ MORE

My child was born with this ear. What is it and can it be corrected without surgery? Does it signify other problems? (Photo)

The ear cartilage seems to lay above the helix instead of forming part of it. Neither my husband and I have such an ear so I doubt it is hereditary.... READ MORE

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