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Is There Any Way to Fix Ueven Ears?

I have uneven ears, it make my face uneven. It seems that my left ear dropped 1 cm. Is there anyway to fix it? (so they will correct in horizontal... READ MORE

Otoplasty 20 Yrs Ago. Stitch Fell out Have a Sore That Never Heals! All Labs Good.

I had otoplasty 20 yrs ago when I was 10 and in my late 20's a stitch can out in front part of where the internal stitches were in front part ear.... READ MORE

OTOPLASTY. Pulling sensation in outer ear canal (left ear only) especially when (wiggle ears, raise eyebows). What can it be?

I had otoplasty (permanent suture technique only) 3 month and 2 weeks ago. right ear a little tender but is ok but the left ear creates a strong... READ MORE

Bad scar on one ear after otoplasty (Photo)

7 months ago i had surgery on both my ears and since then i've had a horrible scar on my left ear. What kind of scar is this? And is there anything... READ MORE

What kind of ear deformity is this? (Photo)

Doesn't look like my ear did before and is painful. READ MORE

What are these 2 little bumps on my left ear 5 days after otoplasty? (PhotO)

5 days ago I got otoplasty on both ears! Today while cleaning and applying ointment to my incision on my left ear I noticed 2 little puffy marks... READ MORE

I have been born without complete antihelixes. The half inch I have feels as though its scraping through my skin.Any suggestion?

I am 17 and I was born without complete antihelixes, and ive thought that they could possibly still develop but they haven't. I have lately been... READ MORE

Did I get an infection from my otoplasty? (photos)

This was just a bad otoplasty surgery and experience all together. But what I am most concerned about is if my stitches are infected? I believe the... READ MORE

Excess skin lump post-op otoplasty? (photo)

Hello everyone, I recently had otoplasty done about 9 days ago as of today, the 29th. Everything is all good and all except for this one thing. I... READ MORE

One of my ears developed really weird, why is that? Can I fix it?

I have never had any trauma to my ear. But the cartilage on my left ear has been folded over and makes it look elfish. READ MORE

Weird looking ear after otoplasty. Is this normal? (Photo)

I have done otoplasty week ago, and have taken off the banadages today. I wonder if my ear is supposed to look like this after otoplasty. However, the... READ MORE

An otoplasty surgery problem

Hello, doctors. I have done my otoplasty surgery before 3 months and now my ears stick out again. So my questions are, what are the reasons that can... READ MORE

Weird smell on the bottom of the back of my ear. Could this be an infection? (Photo)

It's been 10 months since my otoplasty and lately I've noticed I've been developing a weird smell on my left ear. Could this be an infection? And if... READ MORE

Would stretching parts of ear long time after otoplasty cause a permanent change in ear shape/position?

The first surgery I had, I was operated with cartilage removal and the second with reshaping sutures a year ago.. I am still unhappy. When I hold the... READ MORE

4 months Otoplasty. How to identify the discomfort of my left ear? Permanent suture erosion, suture reaction, trap nerves?

Bi-Lateral otoplasty 4 month ago. 1st month: typical symptoms pain, swelling, numbness, one protruding suture (Left ear) After 1st month I went to ENT... READ MORE

My child was born with this ear. What is it and can it be corrected without surgery? Does it signify other problems? (Photo)

The ear cartilage seems to lay above the helix instead of forming part of it. Neither my husband and I have such an ear so I doubt it is hereditary.... READ MORE

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