Cauliflower Ear + Ear Surgery

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How Can my Cauliflower Ear Be Repaired? (photo)

I've had these for over ten years, a doctor already worked on the left one (which got worse after the surgery than pre-op!) I would really like to... READ MORE

How to Fix Cauliflower Ear Caused from Wrestling?

Is there an ear surgery performed by plastic surgeons to address this, and what exactly is performed to fix the ears from bulging and closing? Cost... READ MORE

Cauliflower Ears, Swelling After Piercing?

Hello I would like to ask about cauliflower ears, I had my upper ear pierced over 1 month ago and I was hoping that the swelling would have gone down... READ MORE

I Have Cauliflower Ear Post Op Rhino( 9 days ago). Will my Ear Heal?

I had Rhino 9 days ago and they needed cartilage from my ear. The removed it from my boul of the right ear and now I am in a lot of pain, my ear hurts... READ MORE

Will Ear Fully Recover from Surgery After Assault?

I was assaulted last week and needed 25 stitches to my left ear. The glass pierced the cartilage. Will the ear go back to its original size and shape?... READ MORE

Is There Anyway to Dissolve the Excess Cartilage Inside an Already Hardened Cauliflower Ear Without Surgery?

Hi, I am 35 year old male and have an already hardened cauliflower ear which I've had since 1999 because I did not get it drained at the time, Is... READ MORE

I Am Curious if I Am a Candidate for Ear Reduction and Otoplasty to Bring the Ears Closer to the Head? (photo)

In both of my ears I have mature cauliflower ear from years past and with this it has made my ears disproportionate. I am looking into getting my ears... READ MORE

Cauliflower ear reconstruction possible to very damaged ear? (Photo)

My boyfriend is in the UFC and has gotten cauliflower ear from years of mma and grappling. He plans to stop mma within a year or two and was wondering... READ MORE

Will i have to get ear reconstruction? (Photo)

I have a hard cauliflower ear and i want to kno if you think ill have to get ear reconstruction if i get it removed because i really dont want it..... READ MORE

Is swelling of the ear normal after otoplasty surgery? It looks like I have cauliflower ear and it's been three days post op.

I had Otoplasty in Mexico and was given pain meds and antibiotics. My ears are swollen and a little discolored. Is this normal? Do I get the fluid... READ MORE

Question about minor cauliflower ear surgery

How difficult would it be to perform an otoplasty on minor cauliflower ear to remove the scar tissue? Will the ear get softer after surgery and is it... READ MORE

Can minor cauliflower ear be corrected?

About a year ago I injured my ear and developed a small hematoma. It resulted in thickening a portion of my cartilage (only I really notice it but it... READ MORE

What can be done to remove deep black bruising due to hardened cauliflower ear corrective surgery four years ago? (photo)

I have deep bruising and wrinkled skin from Cauliflower Ear correction surgery 4 years ago that obviously isn't disappearing. I've researched possible... READ MORE

Cauliflower ear hardens; any treatment to fix this? (Photos)

I recently lived in fl where i met with a specialist & i got surgery on my cauliflower ear they cut it off and stitched my ear to my head or... READ MORE

Will cauliflower ear come back?

I randomly got had hemotoma bin my ear cartilage. No sports no blows to the ear, totally random. No deformity just swollen. I had it drain by an ent... READ MORE

Will there be a Cauliflower Ear treatment in the future?

Is it possible there can be a Cauliflower Ear treatment in the future such as an injection? I don't mean for a big, mangled cauliflower ear but for... READ MORE

Do you think I can have my right ear (cauliflower ear) look normal again? (Photo)

I have had cauliflower ear for over a year now and was wondering if it would be possible to have it fixed or at least look a little better. Also I... READ MORE

Minor cauliflower ear?

Hi, I had an ear cartilage piercing infection which happened 9 months ago. Although some of the swelling have gone down but I realized that most... READ MORE

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