Bent + Ear Surgery

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I have just had earfold, and want to know if it's normal that they are bent back and elf like? (Photo)

I had the earfold procedure four days ago, to which the treatment was great. However my concha bowl is swollen,which I understand,because that's where... READ MORE

How soon after otoplasty is it ok bend the ears?

I had otoplasty a little over six months ago. Both cartilage reduction and placement of permanent sutures to enhance the antihelical fold were done.... READ MORE

Should I Have Otoplasty Revision with the Same Doctor? (photo)

I had otoplasty over a year ago and my Dr said he could give me the effect I wanted but didn't. The top my ears bend, you can clearly see it in my... READ MORE

Could I have damaged ear after otoplasty by slightly bending it and removing scabs?

I bent one ear forward when trying to clean out dried blood behind my ear. I felt only slight pain for a second and no bleeding. How easy is it to rip... READ MORE

Bent helix after otoplasty. Can this be corrected? (Photo)

This otoplasty performed about 7 weeks ago. I believe some the ear was bent somehow in the recovery room and was re bandaged 4 days later. I know it... READ MORE

Otoplasty Revision on the West Coast?

I had otoplasty 6 years ago. I recently had an incident where my ear was pulled and as a result the ear did not got into the same position as it... READ MORE

The top part of my ear was grabbed during martial arts. It still does not hurt but it is bent. Will this heal on its own?

I can feel a small (1cm) split which has caused a"bent"inside my this is not visible from outside & in the mirror it looks identical to my... READ MORE

Can I have the lower portion of my ear bent outward? (photos)

I want to have the upper portion of my ears pinned back. I feel like I did that my face wouldn't be balanced, so I would like to have the lower... READ MORE

What can I do with this ear that is bent over at top? It's driving me mad (Photo)

The surgeon has pinned the middle of ear and the top bends over????? help READ MORE

I have had Otoplasty and my dressing feels unusual, has it been done right?

I had my operation on the 1st and was told to wear my head dressing for 10 days where my doctor will remove it and provide me with a bandage to wear... READ MORE

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