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How Can I Reduce my Ear Size Without a Surgery?

How Can Reduce my Ear Size Without a Surgery READ MORE

Otoplasty Alternative - Stitch Method?

I am considering otoplasty and I looked at Dr.Merk's stitch method... it sounds too good to be true, it really sounds like magic, is this... READ MORE

Temporary Otoplasty- Non Surgical Option?

Hi, I want to get otoplasty in the near future but in the mean time I wanted to see if there was a temporary solution that would not harm my ears,... READ MORE

What's the Scoop on EarWell, Non-surgical Ear Reshaping for Infants with Funny Looking Ears?

My 4-week old nephew has a cup-ear on one side and was recommended to use the EarWell system. Does this really work? Thank you. READ MORE

Is the Incisionless Otoplasty Procedure a Total Waste of Time?

I am considering having Otoplasty done but want to avoid the recovery times associated with the traditional technique. My ears only protrude at the... READ MORE

I have large ears. Is there any surgery to make them smaller but not otoplasty?

The surgery that i am want is to reduce the size of my ears including the earlobes and then the top part of my ear (the pinna),but i dont think they... READ MORE

Laser assisted Cartilage Reshaping Otoplasty?

I have researched and found this alternative method for otoplasty. I am wondering why I cant find any doctors who perform this. Results are promising... READ MORE

Is this a viable alternative to getting my ears pinned?

I had my ears pinned about 20 years ago but it didn't take. I'm considering getting my antihelix pierced to hold my ears back. I hope this is an easy... READ MORE

Could a dermal piercing work as an alternative to an Otoplasty?

Would it be possible to get a dermal piercing directly behind the antihelix or antihelical fold , then have a piercing in through the ear and have it... READ MORE

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