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I Have Cauliflower Ear Post Op Rhino( 9 days ago). Will my Ear Heal?

I had Rhino 9 days ago and they needed cartilage from my ear. The removed it from my boul of the right ear and now I am in a lot of pain, my ear hurts... READ MORE

I Am Not Happy with Shape and Size of my Ears? (photo)

Hi , I am a male in my mid 40's and have not been happy with shape and size of my ears for some time - will otoplasty be successful at my age and what... READ MORE

Is There Anyway to Dissolve the Excess Cartilage Inside an Already Hardened Cauliflower Ear Without Surgery?

Hi, I am 35 year old male and have an already hardened cauliflower ear which I've had since 1999 because I did not get it drained at the time, Is... READ MORE

Do You Know if Otoplasty Can Be Performed with Only 1 Cm Scar Behind the Ears? (photo)

I'm a 35-year-old italian man and will be doing a bilateral otoplasty next Autumn 2012. As you can see from the enclosed pics my ears are not much... READ MORE

Will Insurance Cover Revisional Unilateral Otoplasty 15 Years Ago?

I am 39. Had bilateral OTOPLASTY performed over 15 years ago. Within last year the stitches have undone themself onanterior portion of ear lobe +2 cms... READ MORE

I was born with what I believe is called Stahl's Ear. What can I do to have normal looking ears? (photos)

I am 37 years old and I have had this my whole life. I usually have my hair a bit longer to cover my ears, but I don't have the thick hair I once did... READ MORE

I need otoplasty procedure for protruding ears and need help finding top surgeon. Please help. (Photo)

40 year old male with severe protruding ears. Can anybody help recommend top Otoplasty surgeons in the U.S. Also any recommendations on what type of... READ MORE

One ear protruding a bit: can I just get one done? (Photo)

I have always had one ear that sticks out a bit. It is not that noticeable as you can see when my hair is down and possibly not terribly when it is up... READ MORE

I'm seeking surgery severe ear protrusion and Stahl's Ear aka "Vulcan"or "Spok" ear. Any Surgeons in the Midwest? (photo)

I'd like to be able to drive there in a day, and this is this the most realistic distance for me. Is it unrealistic to think my ears could ever be... READ MORE

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