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Possible to Have Ear Sculpting at the Top of My Ears?

I Had a otoplasty done january just gone and i'm still not happy with the results, they stick out at the top insted now, i cant wear my hair up... READ MORE

Uneven ears? How can I fix? (photos)

Hi I am 17 years old and I noticed that my left ear in uneven than my right, and also my hair line is uneven, in the mirror my face looks fine, but... READ MORE

What are the different types of sutures used for Otoplasty? And can an ear be set back again if there is redrift? (photo)

I am a 19 year old male and I read online that the ear cartilage is stronger in older patients and more likely to protrude again.. I read this on the... READ MORE

I Still Have Stitches from an Otoplasty Left in After Almost 13 Years, Would It Be Wise to Get Them Removed?

I am 18 years old and I had an otoplasty done when I was 5, the stitches are still in at the top of both my ears and are frequently becoming infected... READ MORE

What Can I Do About my Right Ear? (photo)

Hello Doctors, I am 22 years old girl with outstanding ears as a child, I decided for an otoplasty for 3 years ago. Unfortunately I was unlucky with... READ MORE

Wanting Ears Reshaped? (photo)

Im 18 and want some advice on getting my ears pinned back, one sticksout more than the other but i want them both done, any advice if you think i... READ MORE

Two surgeons.. Two different methods. (otoplasty)

Hi there, I am a 19 year old male who recently had a consultation with two different surgeons regarding ear surgery. This is a big decision for... READ MORE

Best way to afford the surgery or get help making payments on it?

I'm 19 years old and I'm dealing with protruding ears, they have always been my main source of social anxiety and insecurity. Ive gotten so frustrated... READ MORE

Can this otoplasty be corrected? (photo)

I had odoplasty done when i was 10 years old.I am 20 now and the one ear is different from the other. Both ears were bigger.Would a revision be a good... READ MORE

How do students afford otoplasty?

I am a full time student at UCSB who is very involved with school and has plans of going to grad school. I would love to get otoplasty done soon and... READ MORE

I had an otoplasty 10 years ago. Would be possible to have my ears pulled out even a couple centimeters without risks? (Photo)

I am now 21. Disappointed with the work that was done. . Both of my ears are completely pulled back & touching my head, the whole concha of the back... READ MORE

7 years post unsuccessful otoplasty. What are my options? (Photo)

Otoplasty done at age 14 (7 years ago) by a very reputable San Diego surgeon. Left ear looked ok but was extremely painful for about a year, and... READ MORE

Otoplasty -18 yrs old; One side is perfect, is it possible to do one side? (photos)

I've been wanting to get my ears done for years due to the fact that I dislike that they aren't symettrical, L sticks out at top and not structured... READ MORE

Possible Otoplasty Revision? (Photo)

Hi all, I had an otoplasty around 6-7 years ago at the age of 13, now approaching my 19th birthday. My ears stuck out pretty bad so I had opted for... READ MORE

I'm 18. I've got high set ears. (photo)

Seen from the side, my ears are much above eye level, which makes my face look odd. The bottom of my ears are also much above the base level of nose,... READ MORE

Ear deformity, help needed, read?

One of my ear is ike that of an elf. So i taped it using strong duct tape, and it stays the way i like it to be normal. So since i have winter... READ MORE

How likely is it for ears to go back to normal after otoplasty? Which technique would be best for my ears? Cost? (Photo)

I'm 19 and I have always disliked my ears. I want to feel comfortable wearing my hair up. I have gone to one consultation where the surgeon explained... READ MORE

I had otoplasty when I was 16. I'm 19 now and seems like my one ear is starting to stick out again. Is this possible? (photo)

My right ear seemed perfect since surgery but now I have started to notice my ear starting to change form. It seems as if it is starting to stick out... READ MORE

How long does it take for a stitched ear to heal?

My sister was in an accident ,almost lost her ear as it was hanging ,she's got stitches ,she just turned 20 (in fact this happen on her birthday) I'm... READ MORE

Is it safe to masturbate after otoplasty procedure?

Hi I am a 23 year old male. I have recently had Otoplasty procedure and I'm currently 5 days post operation. I am still wearing a head bandage 24/7.... READ MORE

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