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Could Ears Change Shape From Wearing Headset?

I'm 16, and for the past 3 years most of the day I've been wearing a computer headset, and I've noticed my ears are pushed back more than they were... READ MORE

Can Otoplasty Be Performed on a 10-Year-Old Child?

My ten year old child's ears stick out, and i was just wondering if otoplasty can be performed on her at his age? READ MORE

How Much Would It Cost to Fix my Ears Closer to my Head , Nothing Else?

My ears have always been a bother and also a subject to bullying. I hate how they stick out. I want my parents to get me otoplasty but they say it's... READ MORE

Cost for Otoplasty for One Ear to Correct a Slight Lop Ear (Age 6)

Average cost in Altanta to correct a slight lop ear deformity on one ear. Our 6 year old son will already be under general anthes. for removal of a... READ MORE

3 Months Post-Op Ear Pinning, Left Ear is Protruding More than the Right, is a Revision Needed?

My 8 year old daughter had her ears pinned three months ago and now the left ear appears to be protruding more than the right. Before surgery it... READ MORE

Can ears on a five yr old kid start to stick out all of a sudden? Can taping the ears or wearing a headband when sleeping help?

Noticed my five year old kid's ears are sticking out a little now and they weren't like that just two months ago. Also I noticed when he sleeps his... READ MORE

Are There Any Risks About Getting Otoplasty, and Can People Under the Age of 18 Get It?

Can ear correction affect hearing, and at what age can it be administered (I know there is no legal age set, but at what age would it be considered at?) READ MORE

7 Year Old, Otoplasty. Will Swimming Effect His Ears?

I Am Wondering How Swimming Will Affect His Ears.7 Year Old Ding an Otplasty READ MORE

Toddler African-American Otoplasty Stitches

My toddler had otoplasty surgery a week ago. The stitches put are big, crooked, and visible. Behind her right ear there's extra meat and scarring... READ MORE

Ear still sticks out after surgery. (Photos)

My daughter (7) had recently received otoplasty 3 weeks ago, but her ears are still sticking out in the same shape. I know ears can spring back even... READ MORE

I have extra skin on the side of my ear, is it removable? How can I make it less noticeable? (Photo)

Hello, I am a 14 year old girl who is very self-conscious about my ears. First of all, they are both prominent, my left ear sticking out more than the... READ MORE

Ear Lobe Reduction

Can a male who is 16 get ear lobe reduction surgery even if he is still growing. He is only maybe midpoint of puberty( late bloomer). His ears do not... READ MORE

As a 17 Year Old Student in the UK, is It Possible to Receive Otoplasty on the NHS?

Its at the stage now where i hate looking at my reflection and feel quite worthless. I would so appreciate a reply,thanks! READ MORE

Do you think I should proceed with otoplasty? I'm 16 years old & I am very self conscious about my ears.

I dislike the size & the way the cartilage flaps at the top of the ear. I've also noticed that my left ear looks way better than my right ear. READ MORE

I'm 14 yrs old. Can an ear be fixed without surgery? (photo)

Hello, I'm a 14 years old and I know my ears stick out.. Anyway do people hat ears like this? I heard other kids were made fun and bullied... My... READ MORE

Otoplasty. Is it done under general, local or IV?

Was wondering whether otoplasty is done under general or local? I'm 17, nearly 18 but kinda don't want to be awake. I've had bad experiences with... READ MORE

What is this bump on child's ear 6 months after otoplasty? (Photo)

Doctor had a hard time correcting left ear because it lacked tone. We eventually noticed small sore, bloody spot on the front of the ear. We started... READ MORE

How much does ear size reduction and earlobe attachment change cost?

Im 16 years old but ive always been self conscious about my ears...there saggy and fat. I also want to get my ears attached because I think free... READ MORE

How much should i pay for an otoplasty in Victoria, Australia?

I am 14 years old and have been given an otoplasty quote for $5000 which is way too much. READ MORE

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