5 Months Post-op + Ear Surgery

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After An Otoplasty, How Long Does it Generally Take for Scar Tissue to Settle?

After an Otoplasty, How Long Will It in General Take for Scar Tissue to Settle, Making the Removal of Permanent Sutures Useless? Had otoplasty 5... READ MORE

Otoplasty: If permanent Non Absorbable sutures become useless after 6 months then it would be possible to remove them in stages?

I had otoplasty 41/2 months ago and i can feel the rubbing under the skin of some sutures while other ones are hidden in scar tissue creating a bump... READ MORE

5 months post otoplasty, I have a bump of scar tissue and there is a permanent suture knot below. How to remove the knot?

I had otoplasty 5 months ago. No cartilage removal permanent suture only. some of the knots are palpable (dark blue knot under skin) & also i got some... READ MORE

I Had the Ear Surgery About 5 Months Ago. Telephonic Shape? (photo)

After ear surgery the ears look like telephonic shape.The ears were pin back but lobes are still outward and large.Is ear lobe reduction surgery will... READ MORE

5 Months after Otoplasty complications: (suture technique only / prolene material)

Complications: 1)Palpable visible suture irritating knots under the skin (crest of the ear) 2)Permanent suture knot "encapsulated" in scar tissue... READ MORE

Immune response? Permanent stitches? Infection? Ear pinning (Photo)

I had ear pinning 5 mths ago. The dr used the stitch method. I took keflex. 5 mths later and one ear is still "infected". I have taken 4 courses of... READ MORE

Revision & Keloid Removal?

Hello! I had an otoplasty 5 months ago. Everything went well and smooth until 3 months after the otoplasty, I found something strange behind my ear.... READ MORE

Can ear distortion be fixed? (Photo)

I am 5 months post op (neck lift). My ears do not look normal. I am uncomfortable wearing my hair up. My PS is no help, says ears look fine. I want to... READ MORE

I had ear pinning by Dr Beanni 5 mth ago. He used the permanent stitch method. Right ear infected. Stitch visible (Photo)

It's been said I should have stitch removed. If I remove stitch won't my ear pop out again? I must travel to see my Dr. He's in another state. I have... READ MORE

After otoplasty my ears are still uneven (from behind) and look oddly shaped (Antihelix). Is this normal? (photos)

5 months ago i had my second otoplasty, first only on my left ear, my left ear developed a keloid scar, so i went to a new surgeon, he recommended... READ MORE

Can concha bowl and overall ear appearance be improved? (Photo)

It has been 5 months since my otoplasty. Concha setback and stitching method. I noticed concha bowl swelling has not completely gone away, it makes me... READ MORE

Otoplasty 5 months ago, is this normal for recovery? (Photo)

So i got my otoplasty done back in December and since then made a great recovery although i have been having a lot of dead skin to remove around the... READ MORE

5 months after Otoplasy, uncomfortable in my left ear only. What could this be? (photos)

I had otoplasy 5 months ago and ever since it feels like my left ear is too close together and feels strange. Could this be because of the permanent... READ MORE

Are multiple permanent sutures used beneath the skin in otoplasty? How would I be able to tell if a suture has broken? (Photo)

I had otoplasty performed 5 mos ago. Bc 1 ear was over-corrected & 1 under-corrected, my ears were asymm. A wk ago, I had the refinement. Y'day I... READ MORE

How long can cartilage survive in a bottle after removal?

I had my rhinoplasty and otoplasty 5 months ago and my doctor gave me my removed cartilage in a bottle now one ear is smaller tha the other and it... READ MORE

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