2 Years Post-op + Ear Surgery

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Hard, Growing Bump on Ear After Otoplasty? (photo)

My son had an otoplasty in 2010. At the post-op consultation, I inquired about a small bump on the top part of his ear where it met his head. It... READ MORE

Right Ear Different to the Left After Otoplasty...revision Surgery? (photo)

Hi My right ear is not symmetrical to the left ear and after 2 years of doing the otoplasty, I want to fix it so as to be symmetrical to my left ear.... READ MORE

What Kind of Scarring is This and What Are my Options? (Photo)

I've had otoplasty done a few years ago and overall I'm happy with the results. Except now I'm not self concious about people looking at me head on... READ MORE

Why Does my Medpor Ear Become Exposed? (photo)

I had medpor ear reconstruction done nearly two years ago and during this time, parts of my ear have become exposed. At the end of last year I... READ MORE

Piercing Cartilage After an Otoplasty? (photo)

Hi i had an otoplasty done two years ago and they have healed with no problems, i was just wondering if piercing my cartilage would affect this... READ MORE

​2 years post op on Otoplasty, the helix of my 2 ears are different. How do I make the helix of my ears look the same? (photos)

I was born with lop ear in my left ear and underwent otoplasty 2 years ago which i had both ears pinned and the left ear was altered slightly but... READ MORE

Is There Anything I Can do to Get Rid of the Internal Scarring After Otoplasty?

I had otoplasty on my right ear for a deformity called lop ear which made my ear asymmetrical because of the shape of the helix appearing flat from... READ MORE

I Had the Otoplasty Treatment Done 2 Years Ago. My Results Are Far from from What I Expected? (photo)

 Is There Any Way Back from This?What treatment would you recommend for me after such a terrible operation. Will this cost a fortune or should... READ MORE

I Have Had my Ears Pinned Back Its Been a Few Years Naw and Am Not Happy with Them At all I Feel They Stick out? (photo)

Ears i want to know if i can have them redone ad i am still not happy with my ears after having th done i just want normal ears an to be abel to put... READ MORE

Ear pinning results underwhelming, after 2 surgeries. Should I ask for a third? (photo)

After years being unhappy, had my surgery done in Asia 2 years ago by a very nice Dr. I was told I didn't need to wear a bandage at all. The Dr said... READ MORE

Pain/soreness, stitches poking skin, smelly scars, telephone ear, unsightly skin folds in conchal bowl, 2yrs postop otoplasty

Asked PS friend for otoplasty surgeon rec, said he was "really good" at it, agreed to let him do it. From day 1, had sutures poking through skin, 1... READ MORE

Permanent otoplasty sutures removed.

I recently had two premanat otoplasty sutures removed due to them becoming irritated from time to time. I had the otoplasty procedure done two years... READ MORE

Had my ears pinned back 2 yrs ago, and I wear a headband to protect my ears every night. Do I still need to wear the headband?

Hi, Im very happy with my ears, but still have that worry at the back of my head that they will go back to how they used to be. I wear the... READ MORE

Suture Protusion, and crunchy sound and feeling?

Otoplasty approx 2 years ago on both ears. Permanent sutures. Right Ear has the following issues. - A pea size knot protruding to surface, but not... READ MORE

I had an otoplasty. The doctor did a less than perfect job and my ear is now causing pain. Can he be held accountable? (Photo)

About two years ago I had a otoplasty procedure performed by a double certified board plastic surgeon. Unfortunately, the procedure on one ear didn't... READ MORE

Is it possible to fix an otoplasty from 2 years ago? (Photo)

All my life my ears were a problem since they would stick out a lot. I decided I needed to change that and otoplasty was the way. I've never been so... READ MORE

What is it ? How can it be removed? If surgery is needed, should I have to pay for it if it's not my fault? (Photo)

I got ear surgery 2 years ago in April 2015, everything went perfectly and looked great for more than a year after but then last summer I noticed a... READ MORE

Is it possible for ears to go back to their original state 2 years after surgery?

I had otoplasty in November of 2012, my left ear stayed in place, my right ear went back just a bit, but I didn't mind it, it wasn't too visible. Now,... READ MORE

Ear swelling and pain?

I had my ears done two years ago and have had swelling that occurs at least once every couple of months behind my ears. It's difficult to lay on my... READ MORE

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