2 Days Post-op + Ear Surgery

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My doctor over corrected my ears. Can this be fixed? (Photo)

I had ptosis and otoplasty surgery just 2 days ago and asked my doctor to slightly position my ears back and to correct the helix fold that I had. I... READ MORE

Bleeding after otoplasty. Is this normal?

I had otoplasty over 60 hours ago. Around 6 hours post op I felt blood trickle down my neck from my right ear from under my bandage, I wiper it for a... READ MORE

How long before I can get back to intensive exercise?

I just had an otoplasty done. This is day 2 of my recovery. I am heading to my doctor to get the wrapping headband removed. Most people on this site... READ MORE

Why did my dr put gauze in my ears after otoplasty?

I had otoplasty 2 days ago, today i removed the bandage but there are still gauzes that are fixed in my ear he told me he will remove them after 6... READ MORE

2 days after otoplasty my right ear looks as though the fold has not been created properly. Will it fix itself? (Photo)

Hi i have had bilateral otoplasty 2 days ago and upon first looking i am disappointed that my left ear looks different to the right. It appears that... READ MORE

2 days post otoplasty and my ears are red, swollen and oozing. Should I go to ER? Taking Cipro-5 days (Photo)

My dr. said leave dressing on 3 days but the nurse said it could come off after 48 hours. It felt extremely tight after the anesthesia wore off and it... READ MORE

What is the likelihood of the ear returning to normal after otoplasty/ ears being pinned back?

I went through the otoplasty procedure just two days ago and was wondering how common it is for the ear to return to it's prominent shape? READ MORE

Will the removal of stitches impact otoplasty? (photo)

My niece had otoplasty surgery 2 days ago and pulled out her stitches! Ugh! Will this cause an issue with her ears staying in the position in which... READ MORE

Should I be concerned or just give it time to let the swelling go down to see if they will even out?

Anyone willing to give advice would be greatly appreciated. I underwent the incision less otoplasty 2 days ago, so am still in the very early stages... READ MORE

(Otoplasty) Should I be worried about my ear "relaxing" back outward?

I had Otoplasty revision surgery done two days ago on the top of one ear to fix assymetry, and while the outcome looks good now, I am worried that... READ MORE

Had Otoplasty 2 days ago. Am I developing cauliflower ear? (Photos)

I had my surgery done abroad so it's impossible to go back to see the surgeon. I am concerned About my ears I know it's very early but they look... READ MORE

When will the numbness in my ear go away?

I just received my otoplasty on my left ear 2 days ago. I got the dressing off today and my ear is extremely numb and has absolutely no feeling to it.... READ MORE

Wet feeling in my ear. Should I be concerned?

Hello, I had my otoplasty surgery the two days ago done under local anesthesia. The bandage they put on will be removed 5 days after the operation,... READ MORE

Were my ears pinned to close to my head? Will the telephone like effect and extra folds disappear over time? (Photo)

I had otoplasty 2 days ago. There were no cartilage removed. Skin were removed then ears were pinned close to my head. Based on the pictures, is it... READ MORE

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