10 Days Post-op + Ear Surgery

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How to Tell if Theres an Infection After Otoplasty?

I had an otoplasty 10 days ago. My left ear looks great and seems to be healing well my right ear is still swollen inside and behind. And today it... READ MORE

Otoplasty- Will My Result Improve? (photo)

Hi, I had a bilateral otoplasty performed 10 days ago. I am not happy with the result so far, the tops of the ears are sticking out and have a... READ MORE

Otoplasty 9 Days Post Op - is This Hypertrophic/keloid Scaring? (photo)

Hello, I had bilateral otoplasty 9 days ago and as far as I know it was a suture only operation. While I'm in no pain, both ears did bleed a little... READ MORE

What to Expect when Swelling is Gone? (photo)

I had ear surgery done 9 days ago in wich my concha bowl was reduced by cutting a small part out. This was done from the inside of my ears and not... READ MORE

Otoplasty slight asymmetry or swelling?

I had otoplasty 10 days ago. Doctor used dissolvable stitches and didn't have to remove extra cartilage. Problem is that on the left ear the antihelix... READ MORE

How long to wait before requesting Otoplasty correction after surgery? I think under correction is present.

I had an Otoplasty done 10 days ago and after the bandages were removed I was fairly happy with the results. However as the swelling has subsided I... READ MORE

One Ear More Close to Head from the Other? (photo)

Αt 30th September i made otoplasty.....i didnt had a lot of pain at all after the sergery. After 8 days my doctor took out the bandages and free my ... READ MORE

I Had Otoplasty 11 Days Ago and After the Badage Was Removed, my Ears Moved Forward Overnight?

Do You Reckon That the Cartilage is still a bit weak and wearing a headband day and night for the following weeks will effect this? thanks a lot READ MORE

Otoplasty overcorrection 10 days post op, help? (photos)

I have done an otoplasty 10 days ago. It was done the traditional way with cartilage/skin removal and permenant sutures. My ears look overcorrected... READ MORE

Very swollen concha and antihelix after otoplasty. Could this be a hematoma? (Photo)

I had Otoplasty 11 days ago (right side) with traditional method. Dont have possibility to see the surgeon abroad. Now antihelix and concha are still... READ MORE

Can I Expect my Left Ear to Look As Natural As my Right Ear Following Ottoplasty? (photo)

I had an incisionless ottoplasty 11 days ago. Although I know this is still very early days in terms of healing, my right ear looks very good and... READ MORE

How long till i can do MMA and boxing 'sparring/training' after otoplasty? (Not real fight)

Hi I had otoplasty (ear correction) done 10 days ago. I am wondering how long tilland if i would be able to do MMA or boxing sparring. Not real... READ MORE

Surgery Was 3/5. Ear Pain Still Excruciating. Can I Do Anything to Help Lessen Pain ?

Surgery Was 3/5. Ear Pain Still Excruciating. Can I Do Anything to Help Lessen Pain ? READ MORE

Masturbation after otoplasty?

I had an otoplasty 10 days ago.Is it safe to masturbate?Will it alter the final result of the surgery? READ MORE

Please Help 9 Daysafter Otoplasty What Do I Do?

Please help me I had otoplasty 9 days ago my dressings were on really tight so much so my forehead is grazed and bleeding what do I do? READ MORE

I think my surgeon may have messed up during my otoplasty. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had my otoplasty 9 days ago & my ears look completely different. 1 of them has the lobe coming out, & the other completely flat to the head. While i... READ MORE

Will cauliflower ear come back?

I randomly got had hemotoma bin my ear cartilage. No sports no blows to the ear, totally random. No deformity just swollen. I had it drain by an ent... READ MORE

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