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Can I Close Normal Ear Piercings?

I got my ears pierced when I was younger. I have recently noticed that they are extremely uneven. I have tried to ignore it, but it bothers me a lot.... READ MORE

Thickening and Evening Out My Earlobes? One is Blown Out and Both Are Stretched? (photo)

Hello! My name is Joe, and I am 18 years old. I have stretched earlobes that i purposely stretched, and they are getting thin and uneven looking,... READ MORE

Uneven Areola Diameters. What Are My Options?

I have natural breasts and want to keep it that way, however I have one areola that is much larger than the other. I would like to know how easily... READ MORE

How can I prevent thin spots on my stretched ears? (photo)

I just ordered a kit to stretch my ears. I got them pierced when I was very young at a Walmart, and i think one is uneven and may result in a thin... READ MORE

Uneven and Oddly Shaped Earlobes After Surgery? (photo)

I had two small holes in each earlobe closed up by a board certified plastic surgeon, during two separate procedures. The first ones were closed about... READ MORE

Uneven Ear Lobes?

Six months after having two small holes closed up in each ear, my right ear lobe because is still oddly shaped. The asymetrical results were... READ MORE

Closing an earring hole?

My ears were pierced about 4 months ago and I noticed that one side is terribly uneven. I have changed the jewelry before and I do not believe that it... READ MORE

Can I have earlobe surgery to close all of my piercings? (Photo)

I am wanting to close up my five earlobe piercings because they were pierced very unevenly. They won't close on their own since I've had them in for... READ MORE

Otoplasty: Doctor said it is my fault they came out this way. (photos)

Hello I had a otoplasty to close my ears to join the military and after I woke up from surgery I looked and found a very dissapointing surprise, the... READ MORE

What is the best method of stretched earlobe repair that can give me the most aesthetically pleasing/natural result? (Photo)

I saw a sugeon about the "wedge method earlobe repair" He also told me another method involves cutting around the inside of the stretched hole without... READ MORE

Will results correct themselves or will I need more surgery to smooth out the uneven join caused by my earlobe reduction?(photo)

5 weeks ago I had an earlobe reduction. I am happy with the overall shape of them but I am quite unhappy with the fact that the sections that were cut... READ MORE

If a patient were to re-pierce their reconstructed earlobe would the studs look crooked or uneven on each side ?

I asked a question previously but this is what I meant to ask. I recently got my earlobe reconstructed on both sides for having gauges stretched to a... READ MORE

Is it possible to get revision earlobe surgery? (Photos)

One of my earlobes is fatter than the other from a surgery over a year and a half ago? Is it possible to get this corrected so they are similar?... READ MORE

How to go about fixing abnormal earlobes? (photos)

I had stretched ears when I was younger. My mother complained about how ugly they made me look and that the nasty holes in my ears were unattractive.... READ MORE

How quickly can I get my earlobe reduction revision? 3 days post-op. (photos)

I got an earlobe reduction on Friday & Iam not happy my results one earlobe sticks out more than it did prior to surgery.. I went straight back in... READ MORE

Will ear hole be removed without surgery? If any, what is the remedy? (Photo)

One of my ear holes has been bigger due to unconscious while two times holing. it looks like a big mark and it's imbalanced with comparison with other... READ MORE

I had my daughter's ears pierced 2 wks ago, and the one ear hole is too high. Will there be scarring if I have it re-pierced?

Should I take the earring out and have it re-pierced, or will there be scarring? Have I waited too long? She is 5 years old. Thanks in advance for... READ MORE

For ear lobe surgery does the price vary for how many holes you have? (photos)

 What's the price range for the procedure in Texas? I have more than one hole in each ear that I want to be closed. They really wouldn't be all... READ MORE

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