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Will Stretched Ear Lobes Ever Shrink Back to Normal Size?

I was wondering if you would always have to get surgery after stretching your earlobes. I have heard from others that depending on how big you stretch... READ MORE

Is it true that if you gauge your ear above a 1/2 inch that it won't shrink back to normal size? (photo)

I have 1/2 inch gauges. I read an article several months ago from a surgeon that states as long as your gauges are a 1/2 inch or smaller, the ear lobe... READ MORE

Will a Size 4 Gauge Close Up to a Size 10 Gauge?

Okay, so I want to stretch my ears to a size 4 gauge. I have had my ears at a 10 gauge before, at which size I could easily wear normal size earrings... READ MORE

How much will my ears shrink back (if any)? (Photo)

Currently my ears are at a 2g (or 6mm) and I wanted to go up a size to 0g (or 8mm), but I want to know if my ears will shrink any. If I leave my... READ MORE

Can my Ear Lobes Shrink Back to Normal After Going to 22mms (7/8ths)? (photo)

Ive had them out for 3 days they just look like longish holes they have shrank up alot and one only been streched and pierced for like 4 mounth and... READ MORE

Will ear hole be removed without surgery? If any, what is the remedy? (Photo)

One of my ear holes has been bigger due to unconscious while two times holing. it looks like a big mark and it's imbalanced with comparison with other... READ MORE

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