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If I Cut off a Blowout Will I Be Able to Keep my Stretched Ears After the Procedure? (photo)

I have stretched ears (7/8") and I have an old blowout behind my right ear. I have been thinking about removing the blowout for quite some time... READ MORE

Does Earlobe Redution Always Leave a Scar?

If so, can the scar fade completely with vitamin e gel pads or scar oils/gels? READ MORE

Earlobe Repierce is not Working. Why?

I had my original pierce repaired. After healing, Doc repierced next to it (w/a contraption), which became infected, so I had to remove the earring.... READ MORE

Will there be scar tissue after ear lobe repair that will constrict me from pluging (or gauging) my ears?

A long time ago my earring ripped through my earlobe leaving only a small piece of skin before it ripped completely all the way through. I've always... READ MORE

Is it possible to re-stretch reconstructed earlobes? (photo)

I used to have slightly large stretched earlobes (around 38mm) until I went to a surgeon to get them surgically closed. Six months after the surgery,... READ MORE

My surgeon put fat injections in my deflated ear lobes. How can he firm them up?

I have a wrinkled up ear lobe from a face lift 12 years ago. surgeon added some fat to both of them. He will close up old holes because they are too... READ MORE

Is there any affordable prices for earlobe reduction? I live in Las Vegas, I keep getting really expensive quotes (Photos)

I had stretched ears and I'v been wanting to fix the damage. My first surgery wasn't what I had in mind. The doctor only close the freshly cut portion... READ MORE

If my I repierce my ears then get the injection 5FU , would it affect my piercing? How much are the 5FU injections?

As I said previously that I had EarLobe reconstructive surgery 3 months ago. But my issue is that there seems to be way to much scar tissue and I... READ MORE

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