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Risk of Hypertrophic Scars from Earlobe Surgery?

I want an earlobe repair or reduction surgery. However, I have a hypertrophic scar on my shoulder for the past 3 years. I don't know how I got it... READ MORE

How Long After Otoplasty Can Protruding Earlobes Be Fixed?

I just had my otoplasty done, but the doctor did not adjust my earlobes. I had a revision bi-lateral otoplasty with scar revision done a couple of... READ MORE

Removal of Purplish Earlobe Scars

I am 21 year old male who messed with earrings a year ago and as a result of improper care of them I am left with one year old purplish earlobe scars.... READ MORE

Will the scar disappear after ear lobe reduction surgery if so how long will it take? (photos)

I am 14 years and currently have a issue of having larger earlobe and about the shape of my ear. I am thinking about having a surgery as soon as... READ MORE

How long does it take for the scar line to fade after earlobe reconstruction surgery?

I had earlobe reconstructive surgery . Its been about 4-5 weeks and the scar line still hasn't really disappeared. How long does it usually take? READ MORE

Should I get my stretched ear lobe surgery redone? (Photo)

My surgeon had discussed about not wanting to cut or remove the excess ear lobe skin at first because he was concern that my ears would shrink and... READ MORE

My earlobe scar is healing but I work in the sun. (photo)

I had earlobe reduction surgery two weeks ago, and now my main concern is that the scar will get worse because I'm exposed to the sun at work. Will... READ MORE

If I wait three months to have detached earlobe repaired, would the scar be that bad? Do they use dissolvable sutures? (Photo)

My Dr. Did a mini facelift 5 weeks ago. He said it would repair on its own. A lot of Drs. Have said to repair it but my Dr said he is optimistic it... READ MORE

Are there cosmetic surgeons near London who specialise in ears only?

I'm looking for someone who has a lot of experience with making otoplasty/earlobe reduction look natural and hide scars well. I've already been to see... READ MORE

Does Hy-tape block UV rays?

I'm trying to decide what kind of tape I should buy to protect my earlobe reduction scar. I've read the hy-tape with zinc oxide could be the best... READ MORE

Minor scar on ear lobe? (Photo)

Before 3 years i had a minor surgery on my ear lobe as it wasent connected to lower part of head completely . But after the removal of sitiches i got... READ MORE

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