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Pierced Ear Hole Removal - Lobe - Both Ears - Embarrassing

I'm 33, but had my ears pierced briefly when I was 18. The back of the holes closed, but the visible front holes have remained all of these years.... READ MORE

What is the Cost for Keloid Removal on the Earlobe? (photo)

When I was young, I wore big hoop earrings that were to heavy and ended up splitting my earlobe. I went and got another piercing in the same split... READ MORE

If I Cut off a Blowout Will I Be Able to Keep my Stretched Ears After the Procedure? (photo)

I have stretched ears (7/8") and I have an old blowout behind my right ear. I have been thinking about removing the blowout for quite some time... READ MORE

I Had Keloids and They Removed my Ear Lobes How Much Would It Cost to Repair

I Had Keloids and They Removed my Ear Lobes How Much Would It Cost to Repair READ MORE

urgent : ear piercing hole with purple marker inside, pls help. Will my daughter need surgery?

Urgent : my daughter (11 yr), had ear piercing, one was done high and we were advised to take them out. we took both 10 hour after. the purple from... READ MORE

Is it safe for a fourteen year old to get ear keloids surgically removed? (photos)

I am a 14 year old girl and last year I got keloids on the back of each earlobe due to infection from piercings. One is quite bigger than the other. I... READ MORE

How should I have my keloid removed? (Photos)

I have a fairly large keloid on my right ear lobe that is extremely itchy and sends pain through my entire ear at times. I would like to know what... READ MORE

How much would it cost in NY to get both of the blowouts removed?

I gauged my ears lobes a few months ago and my tunnels in my ears currently are at a size eight and I have a blowout in both ears. READ MORE

Earlobes pierced the 3rd of June 2017. Can I take the piercings out and leave the hole to close up without help or not?

One of the piercings is more stiff to move and is causing me some irritation, this is making me feel like it is on its way to becoming embedded so... READ MORE

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