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Is There a Procedure to Just Reduce Earlobe Size and How Much is Cost?

Hi i have my two somewhat oversized earlobes and im wondering how much would a procedure to just cut the earloes to make them small would cost.. i had... READ MORE

Are These Good Ear Lobe Reduction Final Results? And How Do I Minimize Scarring? (photo)

I have done earlobe reduction about 10 mounths ago. my earlobes were around 2cm long and i just wanted to make them a bit smaller. i uploaded 3 photos... READ MORE

Earlobe Reduction Surgery? (photo)

I had earlobe reduction done on both ears this past Monday (3-25). Left ear according needed more work then right. Immediately after surgery both ears... READ MORE

I Am 22 Years Old with 2 Cm Earlobes They Are Not Really Big but I Would Love to Reduce Them a Bit Though How Bad Can This Be

I am 22 years old male with 2 cm earlobes. they are not really big but i would love to reduce them a bit though. How bad can this be? and could the... READ MORE

What is the better procedure for earlobe reduction, surgical knife or laser? (Photo)

I am looking to have earlobe reduction. Can you tell me anything about the scaring after the procedure. I have seen a video on youtube where a doctor... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get my Earlobe Size Reduced and Possibly Sewn to my Face? (photo)

Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to reduce the size of my earlobes? I was trying to pierce a second hole in my ear because my mother wouldn't... READ MORE

Can Earlobe Reduction Be Corrected?

I got an earlobe reduction, however the method he used was to stitch my detatched earlobes to my face. There was not much earlobe even removed. Then... READ MORE

Earlobe reduction surgery? (photos)

I feel like my earlobes are too big and it makes me self conscious. I'd like for them to be smaller so I could feel more comfortable wearing earrings.... READ MORE

How Do I Ask for Free Revision Surgery?

I recently had an earlobe reduction, and there is absolutely NO noticeable difference in the size. The only change is that my earlobe is now attached... READ MORE

What type of earlobe reduction surgery is best?

So I've been doing some research as I plan on having this surgery done. My earlobes aren't torn, but I would just like them reduced in size. I've seen... READ MORE

How Much is the Cost of One Ear Reduction?

I have big ears but didnt notice for the longest because i had long hair but i just got it cut and well i realized one ear is bigger than the other so... READ MORE

Will results correct themselves or will I need more surgery to smooth out the uneven join caused by my earlobe reduction?(photo)

5 weeks ago I had an earlobe reduction. I am happy with the overall shape of them but I am quite unhappy with the fact that the sections that were cut... READ MORE

My earlobe scar is healing but I work in the sun. (photo)

I had earlobe reduction surgery two weeks ago, and now my main concern is that the scar will get worse because I'm exposed to the sun at work. Will... READ MORE

How long should I wait after earlobe surgery before I can have a revision?

I just had an earlobe reduction but the left ear is not looking as good as the right ear and nor is it in the same equal length then the right ear.... READ MORE

Ear Lobe Reduction. Would the procedure be done in the surgeon's office

I am interested in getting my earlobes reduced. I'm 69 years old and in good health and even though I've never worn heavy earings, my earlobes hang... READ MORE

Is it possible after having an otoplasty and an earlobe reduction over 15 years ago, to have earlobes made yet smaller? (Photo)

I have already had otoplasty and a minor lobe reduction, however my right lobe is still longer and pointier and I wondered whether it is possible... READ MORE

Can otoplasty fix my earlobe? (Photos)

I hear it can, but I was looking into earlobe reduction on the one ear, but I was reading filler can increase the earlobe size also. One earlobe is... READ MORE

Facial Profile Change...Earlobe Reduction and Chin and Jaw? (photo)

Help, I'm looking for a doctor of reduced my earlobes .... and I am looking for a doctor of dental surgery ... I want my chin and my jaw get cornered... READ MORE

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