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My Ears Are Pierced Too High and I Would Like to Close Andd Repierce in a Lower Positiondifferent Spot

My Ears Are Pierced Too High and I Would Like to Close Andd Repierce in a Lower Positiondifferent Spot, Is This Possible? READ MORE

Is There a Procedure to Just Reduce Earlobe Size and How Much is Cost?

Hi i have my two somewhat oversized earlobes and im wondering how much would a procedure to just cut the earloes to make them small would cost.. i had... READ MORE

Is There a Surgery for a Split Earlobe?

My Ears Are Perfect Except my EARLOBES One of Them Has a Slice Going Down the Middle Which Causes It to Seperate. is there a surgery for this?? READ MORE

I have a hard bump on my ear lobe. It's been there for a while, and I'm getting worried. How do I get rid of it? (Photo)

It's on my right ear. It used to hurt, but not any more. Sometimes it bleeds. My earring still goes threw my ear, but it's embarrassing and I would... READ MORE

I have a possible small tear in my lobe piercing - what should I do?

I have continually noticed a pain in my main lobe piercing - just slight when pulled or when putting in/taking out earrings. I usually wear... READ MORE

I have dead skin around my new ear piercing and I'm not sure what to do?

I recently pierced my earlobes. A few days later a white ring appeared around the jewlery and a day later the white ring surrounding the site looked... READ MORE

Can I Have my Earlobes Reduced Without Evident Scarring on the Outer Ear? (photo)

Is it possible to have an earlobe reduction with minimal to no scarring? If so, where would the incision be placed? I'm a young male without... READ MORE

Ear piercing hole closure possible without scarring? (Photo)

Can normal ear piercing holes be closed with cosmetic surgery and essentially make it appear as if the piercings never occurred? Is there great... READ MORE

Top ear piercing become a lump. Can it be treated? (Photo)

Hi doctor, 3-4 years ago I did top ear piercing (detail in picture) But it got infected, so I took it off, after a while, somehow I noticed it became... READ MORE

My earlobe is ripped, the piercing hole is close to the bottom, is there a home remedy to fix this? (Photo)

My mother ripped one earlobe piercing hole when I was nine, I am 25 now, it has also torn more due to constant wear of earrings, I don't even wear... READ MORE

I Am 22 Years Old with 2 Cm Earlobes They Are Not Really Big but I Would Love to Reduce Them a Bit Though How Bad Can This Be

I am 22 years old male with 2 cm earlobes. they are not really big but i would love to reduce them a bit though. How bad can this be? and could the... READ MORE

Is it possible to straighten earlobes? How would a plastic surgeon tackle my issue? (Photo)

My earlobes are curled up, and i would to have them flattened out. I am aware of procedures that reduce the size and reconstruct the earlobe. How... READ MORE

Ear lobe cut off. Can plastic surgery help? (Photo)

My ear lobe cut off completely there is any plastic surgery to made it more normal shape like celkon or something READ MORE

How do I get rid of the small cut on my right earlobe? (Photo)

I had earlobe reconstruction surgery about 3-4 months ago. As I massaged my right earlobe with Bio oil I believed a scab uncovered and it opened up... READ MORE

Can anything be done about the divot in my earlobe that I was born with? (Photo)

I have had this divot in my earlobe since birth. It really doesn't bother me looks wise although it does not match my other earlobe at all. The only... READ MORE

Can I Get This Removed from my Ear and if I Can How and How Much Would It Be? (photo)

Ive had stretched ears for about 3 years now and my ears were fine until last year out of no where this developed in the front of my ear then it moved... READ MORE

What is the better procedure for earlobe reduction, surgical knife or laser? (Photo)

I am looking to have earlobe reduction. Can you tell me anything about the scaring after the procedure. I have seen a video on youtube where a doctor... READ MORE

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