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Will Stretched Ear Lobes Ever Shrink Back to Normal Size?

I was wondering if you would always have to get surgery after stretching your earlobes. I have heard from others that depending on how big you stretch... READ MORE

Ear love stretching, causes and will they ever shrink down or go away?

I have a question for any plastic surgeon or doctor. I was wondering if you would always have to get surgery after stretching your earlobes. I have... READ MORE

How Much to Have Earlobe Hole Closed?

I used to have size 0 plugs about 4-5 years ago. I have taken them out and the holes remain which are shown in the picture. I am looking to start my... READ MORE

My ears are too thin what can I do? (photo)

Hello, my name is Ryan i have stretched my ear i got them upto 40mm but then the tunnels which was wooden dried out my ear and as i taken them out on... READ MORE

I got a 3mm stretched ear which I no longer want will the hole go back to normal stud size? (photo)

I was just wondering if my 3mm stretched ear will go back to a normal stud size hole. READ MORE

I have fat earlobes. How much would it cost to have surgery to fix them?

I'm a male with big/fat earlobes and not that big of an ear, which makes my earlobes look even bigger. I don't want to reduce the size of my ear just... READ MORE

I Am 22 Years Old with 2 Cm Earlobes They Are Not Really Big but I Would Love to Reduce Them a Bit Though How Bad Can This Be

I am 22 years old male with 2 cm earlobes. they are not really big but i would love to reduce them a bit though. How bad can this be? and could the... READ MORE

Removal of Purplish Earlobe Scars

I am 21 year old male who messed with earrings a year ago and as a result of improper care of them I am left with one year old purplish earlobe scars.... READ MORE

Keloid on ear due to stretching to wear plugs (Photos)

I stretched my ears and from doing so I ended up getting a keloid on my left and right ear, the right has a bigger keloid than the left one. I tried... READ MORE

I have genetically large earlobes that have grown from ongoing small cysts. Is it safe to have earlobe reduction with cysts?

I often get, what I'm told is fairly common, small ear cysts. I've had a dermatologist cut them out when they come to the surface but I can still feel... READ MORE

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