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Can I Get my Ear Repierced After a Keloid?

I have a tiny, tiny keloid on my earlobe (about the size of a flax seed) and have gotten the steroid shots. I had it compressed and it is now... READ MORE

What is the Best Procedures if I Want 2 Get my Ear Repeirced After Keloid Removal?

-Had keloid removed. -Got steroid injections. -Really want it peirced again. -Have scar from surgery on back of earlobe. -Never heard of clip ons for... READ MORE

What is the Cost for Keloid Removal on the Earlobe? (photo)

When I was young, I wore big hoop earrings that were to heavy and ended up splitting my earlobe. I went and got another piercing in the same split... READ MORE

How Long After Otoplasty Can Protruding Earlobes Be Fixed?

I just had my otoplasty done, but the doctor did not adjust my earlobes. I had a revision bi-lateral otoplasty with scar revision done a couple of... READ MORE

I Had Keloids and They Removed my Ear Lobes How Much Would It Cost to Repair

I Had Keloids and They Removed my Ear Lobes How Much Would It Cost to Repair READ MORE

When should I start wearing a pressure earring?

I just had a keloid removed 2 days ago and was told to get a pressure earring and get silcone sheets as well. When should I start wearing the pressure... READ MORE

Can I Get a New Left Earlobe? (photo)

Hi i was woundering if i can get a new left earlobe? I dont have a left earlobe due to a keloid that i used to have and they had to cut off my whole... READ MORE

Is There Anybody In Tampa Who Treats Keloids?

Is there anybody in Tampa area that treats Keloids on Earlobes .prefer freezing it. its size of a pea. READ MORE

Can I Get my Ears Repierced with a Needle After Keloid Removal and Radiation?

I've had two keloids surgically removed after injections failed to work. My keloids are responding well and I've been getting steroid injections to... READ MORE

Is it safe for a fourteen year old to get ear keloids surgically removed? (photos)

I am a 14 year old girl and last year I got keloids on the back of each earlobe due to infection from piercings. One is quite bigger than the other. I... READ MORE

Keloid on ear due to stretching to wear plugs (Photos)

I stretched my ears and from doing so I ended up getting a keloid on my left and right ear, the right has a bigger keloid than the left one. I tried... READ MORE

What is this lump that appears on my pierced ear? (Photo)

I have had it for about a year, but I haven't payed much attention to it. Is this lump what people call a keloid? READ MORE

Keloid Prone but Not from Needles Can I Get a Tattoo?

Had Keloid surgically removed from both ears plus radiation treatment about 25 years ago and It was successful. I have had other surgeries, where the... READ MORE

Re-piercing after keloid (?) removal even though I had the steroid injection after surgery?

I had my ears pierced for about 4-5 years before a lump on the back began to show and eventually I realised it was keloid and had them cut out,... READ MORE

Is it still risky to pierce my ear , even though I have a keloid scar on the other?

Several years ago I got both of my ears pierced. Within a short while I developed a keloid bump on my right ear. Of recent I have received steroid... READ MORE

Can I get my ears pierced with a tiny keloid? (Photo)

I've had the keloid for years and got it from getting my ears pierced in the same spot. But, its tiny. I want other piercings but Im scared I will get... READ MORE

Can I get a new earlobe?

Due to a keloid on my earlobe, the doctor cut a little bit above my keloid thus cutting my whole earlobe off. This was 2 to 3 years ago and has not... READ MORE

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