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My Daughters Ears Got Infected and Now Has Hard Knot. Can This Be Re Pierced?

My daughter had freshly pierced ears at the age of 6. While sleeping, the covers got caught on one of her earrings. When she pulled the cover back,... READ MORE

My second ear piercing got infected. I took out my piercing which caused bleeding and a black bump. Is this normal? (photos)

Well my peircing is black now and I'm really worried will I have to go to a doctor?? Do I have to pop the bump?And I tried to put in gold earrings and... READ MORE

Ear Cartilage Piercing Infection. Have Some Chondritis?

I had three earrings in my cartilage and they became infected. One of them the backing went right through my ear. My ear is swollen and the e.r. dr... READ MORE

Is it safe for a fourteen year old to get ear keloids surgically removed? (photos)

I am a 14 year old girl and last year I got keloids on the back of each earlobe due to infection from piercings. One is quite bigger than the other. I... READ MORE

How do I repair my earlobe whie keeping it stretched? (photo)

I'm not really worried about any deformation I just want to be able to keep my ears stretched. It started with an infection in my left ear, the cut... READ MORE

How to treat an infection after earlobe reconstructive surgery? (Photo)

I had surgery recently on my earlobe I believe its infected its giving out this oder and has red circles? Help READ MORE

Ear lobe just teared

Will there be risk of infection until I see doctor READ MORE

I had an ear infection and now my earlobes are shaped like a ball. What can this possibly be? And can it be fixed? (photos)

I got an earlobe piercing three years ago, and it got infected because the aftercare solution that I received didn't do much to clean the piercing. I... READ MORE

Could an infected earlobe be replaced by a newly created lobe?

How normal would a new earlobe look? If you wanted to create a new one? Has it been done before, ? READ MORE

I want to know the cost for a infected ear lobe? Only one side.

It has passed 4 yrs that I stretched my ears An got infected I let it healed An once it got healed it left me a bump. I want to get rid of it. My... READ MORE

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