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How Much Would Ear Piercing Closing Cost?

They are your typical ear piercings, and they haven't been torn or gauged. I would like to know, how much would it cost to get the holes closed? READ MORE

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Torn Earlopes That Are Not Torn All the Way Through?

I had my ears pierced when i was younger on my earlobes, over the years i began to notice tht my small holes have become more of a line causing my... READ MORE

My ears are stretched and very thin. Is there any way to thicken up the skin so I can continue wearing large-gauge earrings?

My ears are stretched to 7/8" diameter. The left one is fine and has thickened up due to daily emu oil massages. The right one was originally pierced... READ MORE

My Earring Ripped my Earlobe a Little but Not All the Way Through. Will I Ever Be Able to Repierce It?

I had my ears pierced for about 4 months. Then I got to big of earrings and it made my ear sag a little. I took them out for about 2 months and I want... READ MORE

Should I get surgery or let my split earlobe heal by itself?

1 morning I woked up and my earring was out of my ear. I found out that my earlobe had split while I was sleeping. My friend earlobe split before and... READ MORE

My Earlobes Are Stretched?

Hi, I had this earlobe allergy because of fantasy jewelry, my earlobe got really swollen and I notice after 3 days that it know looks stretched and... READ MORE

How can I prevent thin spots on my stretched ears? (photo)

I just ordered a kit to stretch my ears. I got them pierced when I was very young at a Walmart, and i think one is uneven and may result in a thin... READ MORE

Small tear above earring, what to do?

I got my ear lobe pierced about seven weeks ago, more or less. Last night, I was awoken by soreness in my right piercing. I had been sleeping on it so... READ MORE

Removal of Purplish Earlobe Scars

I am 21 year old male who messed with earrings a year ago and as a result of improper care of them I am left with one year old purplish earlobe scars.... READ MORE

How Much Does It Cost to Have Gauged Ears Fixed? (photo)

Im real curious to find out about how much it is to close my ears. There currently the smaller than the size of a pencil. I was told by my recruiter... READ MORE

Can earlobes be fixed after wearing heavy earrings for years?

I wore heavy gold and diamond earring that I never took off for about 5 years and noticed that the holes in my earlobes had elongated so much that it... READ MORE

Can my ripped/tear ear lobe be fixed? (photos)

My ear lobe has been ripped for years now, mainly from wearing earrings, or getting them caught in my hair, etc. It is almost ripped completely to the... READ MORE

Tissue Disorder Causes Earrings To Rip Out, Do I Have Any Hope To FIx This?

I have a tissue disorder which has caused earrings to rip out. I love jewelry and want to be able to wear pierced earrings again. I do have clip ons... READ MORE

How much will my ears shrink back (if any)? (Photo)

Currently my ears are at a 2g (or 6mm) and I wanted to go up a size to 0g (or 8mm), but I want to know if my ears will shrink any. If I leave my... READ MORE

Can I get this fixed with a simple er trip?? (photos)

I have 2 tears on my right ear. One came from a sporting event, I pulled my helmet off and it caught that earring & split my earring hole. The other,... READ MORE

Torn earlobe. Can it be repaired?

Small tear in ear piercing can it be repair so I can my earrings READ MORE

My ear lobe is torn all the way down from my ear ring hole all the way down. (photos)

Can I get fixed in an hour or two i'm going out to California for 2 1/2 weeks to visit my my kids and my family in from Kentucky and I know I will be... READ MORE

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