Closed + Ear Lobe Surgery

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Can I Close Normal Ear Piercings?

I got my ears pierced when I was younger. I have recently noticed that they are extremely uneven. I have tried to ignore it, but it bothers me a lot.... READ MORE

Possible to Close Ear Piercings That Are Not Torn?

If i have 4 piercings in each ear but they are not torn is it possible to close them? READ MORE

My Ears Are Pierced Too High and I Would Like to Close Andd Repierce in a Lower Positiondifferent Spot

My Ears Are Pierced Too High and I Would Like to Close Andd Repierce in a Lower Positiondifferent Spot, Is This Possible? READ MORE

Why Do my Ear Lopes Close Up So Quickly After Removing Earings? Is There Something I Can Do to Prevent It?

I have worn earings for over 2 decades. I continually have to wear earings 24/7/365 else my ear lopes close up. 3 days ago I removed a pair of earings... READ MORE

Boston Doctor Recommendations for Closing Gauged Earlobes

Looking for Experience Board Cert.surgeon for Closing Guaged Earlobes in Boston Area READ MORE

How can I prevent thin spots on my stretched ears? (photo)

I just ordered a kit to stretch my ears. I got them pierced when I was very young at a Walmart, and i think one is uneven and may result in a thin... READ MORE

What is the safest way to close a new ear lob piercing?

I got a second hole in both ear lobes two days ago. I have decided I don't like it and want to close it without scarring. READ MORE

Earlobe Repierce is not Working. Why?

I had my original pierce repaired. After healing, Doc repierced next to it (w/a contraption), which became infected, so I had to remove the earring.... READ MORE

Question about daughter's ear piercing re: closure and re-piercing.

I pierced my daughter's ear and didn't like the angle. It angles downward in the back. I removed it today. She had it for 10 days. My questions are..... READ MORE

Can I get a surgeon that would be able to close my ears? (Photo)

I'm looking to close up the holes in my ears , I had them for a lot time so they won't close up on there own anymore , I'm looking for a place in Los... READ MORE

Can my ears ever look normal again after surgery? (Photo)

I had my ears closed by an en&t specialist who said he's done the procudure before.. He said after healing they'd look fine but I hate them. They look... READ MORE

Is it possible to have ear love piercings closed only partly?

I'm only 18, but my ear lobe piercings look kind of stretched out. I don't wear heavy earrings a lot, so I don't know how this happened. It's gotten... READ MORE

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