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My Daughters Ears Got Infected and Now Has Hard Knot. Can This Be Re Pierced?

My daughter had freshly pierced ears at the age of 6. While sleeping, the covers got caught on one of her earrings. When she pulled the cover back,... READ MORE

Removal of Purplish Earlobe Scars

I am 21 year old male who messed with earrings a year ago and as a result of improper care of them I am left with one year old purplish earlobe scars.... READ MORE

How much will it cost to close my stretched ear lobes? (Photo)

I stretched my ear lobes up since I was 18 now im 23 I don't know what size they are now I think its an inch now since I took my gauges out. I... READ MORE

Advice or referral on an affordable ear lobe restoration? I need this done ASAP.

I'm 21 years old I reside in Lithonia, GA and I'm in the process of joining the US Military & The only holdup are my ears. I've had gauges for... READ MORE

I want to do ethnic surgery to look more white. My dad is German, my mom is Latino. I've got more Latino feautures. (Photo)

I was wondering what surgery can i do rynhoplasty,is there something for my cheekbones,and make my lips a little bit smaller,something for the... READ MORE

Any suggestions for torn earlobe repair?

I live in NYC , I'm looking for a Surgeon to do a torn earlobe repair , one of my earlobe is torn all the way , it happened when I was 12 years old... READ MORE

I am young (18) and I am looking to have earlobe reduction surgery. (Photo)

I am looking to have earlobe reduction surgery as I feel as if I have big ears and it would be a big confidence boost to me to get it corrected. What... READ MORE

Is it possible to have ear love piercings closed only partly?

I'm only 18, but my ear lobe piercings look kind of stretched out. I don't wear heavy earrings a lot, so I don't know how this happened. It's gotten... READ MORE

20 year old trying to join the navy. Can I get the holes in my ears closed? (Photo)

I was wondering if there was anyway that I can get the holes in my ears to close without having to get surgery cause I don't have the money to get the... READ MORE

Options for nasolabial folds on 21 year old? (Photo)

I have relatively prominent folds for a 21 year old female and they are really starting to bother me. I have looked into fillers however am not 100%... READ MORE

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