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Can a patient re-pierce their ears after an Ear Lobe Reconstruction Surgery?

I have just gotten the surgery today. I asked my doctor if I can re-pierce my ears. He said yes but I wanted more expert opinions. And what... READ MORE

Earlobe Piercing Swelling? (photo)

So I got my earlobes pierced almost 3 weeks ago. It was okay, and then suddenly the right earlobe started swelling and throbbing. Even if I don't... READ MORE

I Had an Ear Lobe Reduction 7 Days Ago. They Looked Great At First, Now Back To Before. When Will I See The Final Result?

I Have Had an Ear Lobe Reduction 7 Days Ago, and my Ear Lobes Appeared Just Perfect After the Actual Operation [from a semi circle, the lobe reduced... READ MORE

When should I start wearing a pressure earring?

I just had a keloid removed 2 days ago and was told to get a pressure earring and get silcone sheets as well. When should I start wearing the pressure... READ MORE

My Earring Got Ripped out 4 Years Ago and I Had Surgery on It Around 2 Years Ago. Can I Get my Lobe Repierced?

My earring got ripped out and I had it stitched back together over 2 years ago (January 2011) I think. I was wondering if I can get my earlobe re pierced? READ MORE

Are These Good Ear Lobe Reduction Final Results? And How Do I Minimize Scarring? (photo)

I have done earlobe reduction about 10 mounths ago. my earlobes were around 2cm long and i just wanted to make them a bit smaller. i uploaded 3 photos... READ MORE

Can I Get a New Left Earlobe? (photo)

Hi i was woundering if i can get a new left earlobe? I dont have a left earlobe due to a keloid that i used to have and they had to cut off my whole... READ MORE

Are there other surgery options to help close piercing holes? (Photo)

About 10 months ago I got surgery to close piercings on my right ear and most of them look the same, as if I never got the procedure done. Would... READ MORE

Can I Get my Ears Repierced with a Needle After Keloid Removal and Radiation?

I've had two keloids surgically removed after injections failed to work. My keloids are responding well and I've been getting steroid injections to... READ MORE

Very Visible Scars 9 Weeks Post-Op Earlobe Surgery, What Can I Do?

Scars are in the front of my earlobes and very visible. I do use scar cream several times a day and massage. I use concealer. My surgery was performed... READ MORE

Earlobe Swelling After Reduction

Hi, I had an operation to reduce my earlobes (which was also slightly tilted toward the outside) on 24 June, but now they look horrendously ugly and... READ MORE

12 Days After Suture Removal for Earlobe This Healing Normally/well? (photo)

Had the stitches in for almost 3 weeks and got them out August 27th. The redness is more apparent than in the photos. READ MORE

Earlobe Reduction Surgery? (photo)

I had earlobe reduction done on both ears this past Monday (3-25). Left ear according needed more work then right. Immediately after surgery both ears... READ MORE

Can you restretch your ears to a smaller gauge after earlobe reconstructive surgery?

I had surgery recently about 4-5 weeks ago. I had stretched my ears to about 1" 1/4 so I had them closed cause I wanted the smiliar look but with a... READ MORE

Will the Blowout From My Left Ear Grow Back Again After Removing it? (photo)

Will the Blowout from my Left Ear Will Grow Back Again After It Had Been Remove?? READ MORE

How long does swelling last after ear lobe surgery?

I had ear lobe split surgery almost 3 weeks ago, the wound has healed well but the earlobe itself is still quite swollen. Is this normal? How long... READ MORE

My ear lobe is taking a weird elongated shape... Is this due to the stitches? Once they are off will they look different?

I had surgery recently ( Earlobe Reconstruction) due to my stretched ears. But its been a couple days 5 to be specific. And my ear lobe has taken a... READ MORE

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