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How Many Units of Dysport Should Be Given for Lines Between Eyes and Horizontal?

I am 44 and have vertical and horizontal lines on forehead. I did a Groupon for 40 units of Dysport and the Doctor told me it was not enough. So I... READ MORE

How Many Units of Dysport Should I Be Given?

The 1st time I had Dysport I had 140 units in total, 50u to my frown, 30u to each eye & 30u to my forehead, she mixed with 2.5mls but this time I... READ MORE

Do I Really Need Double Dysport to Get Same Effect of Botox?

I was told that I need double 50 units of Dysport to get the same effect of 25 units of Botox. Is this true or is the place I called trying to get me... READ MORE

95 Units of Dysport - Too Much?

Im 21 Just Got Dysport for the First Time They Told Me I Needed 95 Units is That to Much? I just wanted my eyebrows up just a bit because I think that... READ MORE

I'm getting 50 units of Dysport in my forehead and 11 area and it is lasting only 7 weeks. Any suggestions?

I was told it is because of my high metabolism. Is the Dysport being watered down excessively? Am I being swindled? READ MORE

How many units of Dysport for between eyebrows line? (Photo)

How long does dysport last and how many units do I need to fill this line in between my eyebrows? Even when I'm not furrowing my brows, makeup sits in... READ MORE

How Much Dysport is Enough for Just Crows Feet?

I have had Botox before and had an allergic reaction. Dysport has been very gentle. No problems. But I don't feel the numbness I felt with Botox. I... READ MORE

Dysport - Maximum Units for Sweaty Palms?

Hi i receive a total of 425 units of dysport to my hands(212.5 units in each hand) 10 months ago, is this an acceptable total of units one can have?... READ MORE

How common are the side effects of Botox/Dysport like drooping eyes and eyebrows? (Photo)

I already had my consultation and am getting 30 units of dysport done on my horizontal forehead lines. My question is, how common are eye droops and... READ MORE

Is 120 units of Dysport enough to cover the forehead, frowns, and crows feet on a male?

My uncle got dysport for the 1st time 6 mo ago and they used 100 for the 11s, eyes, AND forehead and it didn't do much. His eyes aren't bad, but... READ MORE

Yesterday I had 70 units of Dysport to my forehead area. Nothing has changed. Did something go wrong?

My skin does not feel tight, am still able to fully wrinkle and frown. This is my first time and nothing looks any different and definitely nothing... READ MORE

Dysport used on glabella and brow lift but now have new and increased lines on upper forehead. (Photo)

I've already posted regarding my Dysport experience and that I was under dosed with just 50 units total for my glabella (40U) and 10U for my "brow... READ MORE

First time with 100 units of Dysport. Not noticing many changes at all

I had 100 units injected last Wednesday in my forehead, between the eyes and crows feet. Not noticing many changes at all. Only a tad bit. The weird... READ MORE

Dysport overdosed? Please help my Spock eyebrow.

My ps injected me total 5 Units of dysport in my forehead, but it caused my eyebrow droop quite significantly..... I am wondering if it is overdosed?... READ MORE

Will a 10 unit topup do anything to refuel worn off Dysport after it worked for only 4 weeks?

Q1 Botox never worked in the past had 30 units for frown line twice no outcome. Had 50 units Dysport- fantastic result 3 days later but for only 4... READ MORE

How do I know how many units are injected?

I'm 55 years old and have very good skin. It's just the frowns between my eyes and bellow my eyebrows that bother me. I had bought 100 units of... READ MORE

I have purchased a 500 unit vial of Dysport. How much diluent do I need to reconstitute the solution? (Photo)

I have Braun 50 I.U. 30G syringes for the injections. I am just a little confused as to how much saline to mix with the Dysport? BTW my husband is a... READ MORE

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