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Dysport Side Effects - What Are Common Complications?

Thinking about getting Dysport for wrinkles in my forehead area. Can the doctors share what are the side effects they are seeing with Dysport so... READ MORE

Correcting Uneven Eyebrows from Dysport

I am a newly qualified practitioner in aesthetic practice. My client has informed me that one eyebrow has gone slightly higher than the other. I... READ MORE

How Does Dysport Spread in Forehead Without Side Effects?

If Dysport spreads more than Botox and "rocks the forehead," is there a greater potential for side effects in other areas, like the brow... READ MORE

10 days after Botox, my hair was coming out by the hundreds. Would I have a similar reaction to Dysport or Xeomin?

I had Botox and 10 days later, my hair was coming out by the hundreds and lost a lot of hair around my face (those new fine hairs are gone). I can see... READ MORE

How Long Do the Side Effects of Dysport Last?

I just had dysport on my forehead and between my eyes. I feel a lot of heaviness and tightness on my forehead . I've also been experiencing... READ MORE

Would Dysport Have Any Adverse Effect on Pregnancy?

What if a patient gets pregnant while Dysport is still in her system? Do patients need to be on contraceptives for any period of time after getting a... READ MORE

How Long Does Droopy Eyebrow Last After Having Dysport Side Effect?

I was administered dysport in between brows. why did my eyes fall or drop to my lashes and how long will it stay like that ? READ MORE

How Often Does Dysport Cause Headache Pain?

Are there any other side effects that one should expect? READ MORE

Bad Results and Swelling After Dysport

I had dysport done on Dec 2, 2009 on my forehead and directly below my eyes. Ten days later I noticed that about an inch and a half directly below my... READ MORE

How Safe is Dysport Application on the Forehead for Deep Wrinkles?

Compared to other areas of the face, are there less concerns with Dysport injections in the forehead? Why is the risk lower for complications? READ MORE

Would Iopodine Work Well with Droopy Eyelid After Dysport

I had Dysport injection on April 28, and noticed that my right eyelid started to droop day 4. I had this done a few times over 2 years but didn't... READ MORE

How Effective Are Dysport Injections for Hyperhidrosis?

What problems might arise from dysport injections with hyperhidrosis patients? READ MORE

Are the Dysport Side Effecs Reversibles? (photo)

In January 27th 2012 I had Dysport, on glabellas area, on crow’s feet and in marionette’s line. Three weeks later I woke up in the morning... READ MORE

What to Do for Severe Headache After Dysport Injection & Brow Pexy Surgery?

Had Dysport injection to forehead above brow & between brow a week before upper bleph & brow pexy surgery. This was my first time to have any... READ MORE

Will Dysport or Botox Have Less Facial Bruising and Swelling?

Does one (Dysport or Botox) also have a shorter overall recovery time? READ MORE

What is the Significance of a Rash After a Dysport Treatment?

I read in a patient's review she got rashes and itchy welts after Dysport ( READ MORE

Why Does Dysport Cause Non-Local Side Effects?

Can a doctor on the board please explain to me something about Dysport? If the Dysport only supposedly goes into the muscle it is injected to, how... READ MORE

Dysport's Effect on Facial Expression?

Is it true that Dysport may interfere with facial muscles? Does injection for wrinkles in the corner of the mouth and forehead pose any complications? READ MORE

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