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How Long Until You See Dysport Results?

Its been 7 days since my Dysport injection, I see no results why? READ MORE

How Many Units of Dysport Should I Be Given?

The 1st time I had Dysport I had 140 units in total, 50u to my frown, 30u to each eye & 30u to my forehead, she mixed with 2.5mls but this time I... READ MORE

Dysport in the Same Quantity As Botox for the Same Result?

Should I have the same number of Dysport units as Botox for the same results? READ MORE

Dysport- no injections towards the middle of my forehead, is that normal? (Photos)

2 days ago I rec'd 3 inj on ea side of my forehead(50 units total). Im definitely starting to feel the effects of the dysport on the outside of my... READ MORE

I had Dysport injections for crows feet. What can be done for uneven results?

Had Dysport injected for crows feet 5 days ago. One side took, the other side not nearly as much. Should I go in for a touch up on the one side or... READ MORE

How soon can I expect to see real results from my Dysport treatment for crows feet?

The Dr. Treated me with 20 units for my crows feet. It's been 3 days and I'm yet to see any results. Just wondering when I cam exist to see results.... READ MORE

How fresh should Dysport be for optimal results?

I'm not getting very good results with Dysport and always have to return for more injections. My last visit (and follow up visit) hasn't helped much... READ MORE

What are my chances of getting the dropping eye again if I get Botox, Dysport ?

I recieved Dysport mid Jan and got the dropping/closed eye it lasted for a good 4 was a horriable experience for me! I'm almost positive it... READ MORE

Had Dysport injected in my face three days ago and now have an extremely uncomfortable lumpy feeling in my throat.

I had Dysport injected into my crows feet and frown line between my brows 3 days ago. I have never used Botox or Dysport before this was my first time... READ MORE

Dysport. Will there be further results or is this it? (Photo)

I had Dysport on my forehead and between eyebrows, where I always squint after 8 days I noticed the line was still there so I went back and she put a... READ MORE

Dysport and Botox - eyes droop.

The first time I received Dysport for frown lines the doctor injected between my brows and straight up to my hairline. Results were perfect! The... READ MORE

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