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How Do You Correct Eyelid Drooping from Dysport?

I had Dysport injected one week ago to give me a little lift in the brow. About 5 days in I noticed some drooping of the left eyelid and haven't... READ MORE

Should People with Allergies Use Dysport an Alternative to Botox?

Dysport uses human serum, abobotulinumtoxinA and lactose. Is this a better alternative than Botox? READ MORE

I Just Got Dysport and my Brows Lowered- How To Counteract?

I just got dysport and my brows lowered> I had beautifully arched brows now I have heavy hooded over my lids and I just went in today and he... READ MORE

Are the Dysport Side Effecs Reversibles? (photo)

In January 27th 2012 I had Dysport, on glabellas area, on crow’s feet and in marionette’s line. Three weeks later I woke up in the morning... READ MORE

Does Dysport Cause Indentions in the Skin After You Have It Done?

I had Dysport done to my forehead a couple of months ago. I actually had to go back because it didn't take in the upper portion of my forehead. I... READ MORE

Dent Between Eyes After Dysport

It's been 8 days since my first time Dysport injection. I still can somewhat move my brows, but the thing that bothers me is the vertical... READ MORE

Dysport Gone Wrong: Can This Be Fixed? When Will This Resolve? Is There a Treatment? (photo)

Hi, I went to a reputable plastic surgeon but something went really wrong. I am NOT frowning in the second picture. That is how it looks, -completely-... READ MORE

I Had an Injection of Dysport over 4 Months Ago and Now my Right Eyelid is Half Closed?

The doctor is denying that the effects are from Dyosport and wants to operate on the muscle to tighten the muscle in my eye. I have looked at previous... READ MORE

Dysport Side Effects...Do I Need Medical Attention?

I had dysport exactly 1 week ago. 3 days later I experienced strange pains shooting down my left arm. Yesterday, I came down with what I thought was... READ MORE

Droopy Eyes After Dysport

My eyes are (WERE) my best feature, and they just look dead now. Is there anything at all out there that can help - soon? READ MORE

Can I Use a Muscle Stimulator to Reverse the Effect of Dysport?

After recieving Dysport I noticed 5 days later that the right side of my face is a little droopy. When I smile I cant see my teeth on one side. I have... READ MORE

If Botox Injections Tend to Result In Severe Headaches, Would Dysport Be a Better Option?

Which filler has the least side effects? Is there any way to prevent the headache from occurring? READ MORE

Is my Vision Permanently Impaired from Dysport?

After a lifetime of clear vision, my eyesight began getting blurry almost all-at-once (1-2 week period). I chalked it up to age (I'm 43), but... READ MORE

I Had Dysport a Week Ago. I Now Have Vertical Indentation Between Eyes. How to Fix It?

I had Dysport a week ago. I now have vertical indentation between eyes. It appeared about 3 days after the injection and it is getting worse. I can... READ MORE

Dysport and Cutaneous Lupus- Having a Reaction. What Should I Do?

I had a Dysport eyebrow lift 5 days ago. I also had been diagnosed with Cutaneous Lupus. 1 year ago. My doctor who administered the Dysport was aware... READ MORE

I just had Dysport injections on my forehead, not my first time. Will this lump go away? (Photo)

But it is the first time that I developed a long lump On one side of my forehead from the fluid. Does this go away or should I go back to my provider?... READ MORE

Swelling still months after Dysport. What could this be? Doc said adverse reaction. Could it be an infection inside? (Photo)

Will this go away? Swelling is worse when I lift eye brow. Could fluid be stuck in pockets in my forehead. What's the best approach. What doc would be... READ MORE

Multiple lumps after Dysport injection. Any advice on what this is or what to do? (Photo)

I received dysport injections to my forhead and brow area 32 hours ago. My forhead is now covered in large knodules/lumps and is very tender. The... READ MORE

Dysport side effects. How long will these symptoms last? Is there a better solution than cortisone?

I had Dysport 5 days ago and have developed tightening of my throat, heart palpitations and dry mouth. My GP has prescribed cortisone which has helped... READ MORE

Bubble / Pocket and Blanching after Dysport. How can I handle the situation? (Photo)

Hello, I've posted twice about the same concern in the past and have yet to resolve this issue. So, I'm reaching out for some help again and posting a... READ MORE

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