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What Happens if You Have Dysport and Take Muscle Relaxers?

I just got Dysport for the first time. I read that you shouldn't take muscle relaxers with Dysport. What are the complications of this? I take... READ MORE

Dysport has ended my life

Hello can't explain how debress iam I had dysport 13 month ago and I still have the ugly effect in my face droopy eyebrow look freak can I know till... READ MORE

When will dysport start to go away?

I had 29 units of dysport injected in the glabella lines 4 days ago, I feel sick ever since. Blurred vision come and go, ear pressure, tight forehead... READ MORE

My muscles/skin are tight 6 months post dysport. Any suggestions?

Hello, I had Dysport injections over 6 months ago in my forehead and it did spread all over my face. Now when its wearing off - my face changing and I... READ MORE

Did Dysport Travel into my cheek, lower jaw and part of my neck or can it be nerve damage?

I had Dysport injected as a touch up 2 weeks after 50 units. Had between my eyes done and crows feet. Immediately after I was injected between the... READ MORE

Frontalis muscle visible when lifting my brows after Dysport. (Photo)

I received Dysport injections to my forehead two days ago. I know it is still soon and I haven't seen my final results, but I'm a little concerned by... READ MORE

What to use to reduce big jaw muscles? (Photo)

1 which brand is most potent? 2 Is 50 azzulure the same as 50 dysport? 3 tried 25 units(idk what botox) each side of jaw but it didn't made a... READ MORE

Is it possible for the facial muscles not to return to their original position/structure?

Thank you very, very much! to the 3 doctors who replied to my question. And after consulting with a doctor, I am concerned that my face may not return... READ MORE

Will my brow muscles be where they once were when Dysport wears off? Just don't want recruited muscles to take over

Hi I am having some muscle recruitment from a bad dysport experience. only the sides of my eyebrows will go up and back in a way. really strange... READ MORE

Botox wears off quickly in forehead and 11s after recruiting muscles start to compensate. What should I do?

Hi, I have very strong muscles in my face. When I get Botox in my forehead and 11s, (50-60 units), the Botox works. Within days, my recruiting muscles... READ MORE

Under eye bags after Botox. I've already learned that Botox can cause under eye bags from the muscles not working properly.

It's been about 2 months after my Dysport treatment, and I still have bags. In the daylight they age me good 5-10 years! I also still have some lines... READ MORE

I am only 30 years old, but have very strong facial muscles and thinner skin. Why is it not taking?

I received 50 units of botox in October at one cosmetic office. It was gone by end of November. I received another 38 units the beginning of December... READ MORE

AVM in Left basal ganglia with 4 embolizations (including Gamma Knife 2 years ago).

15 days ago, I've had 4 full ampules of Dysport (as recommended by my doctor) to correct my right hand and leg muscles contraction due to AVM but,... READ MORE

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