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Does Dysport Last Longer Than Botox?

I've heard that supposedly Dysport (Reloxin) is better than Botox because the Dysport lasts longer.  Has anyone else heard this?  Does the... READ MORE

How Long Does Droopy Eyebrow Last After Having Dysport Side Effect?

I was administered dysport in between brows. why did my eyes fall or drop to my lashes and how long will it stay like that ? READ MORE

Does the Amount of Dysport Affect How Long It Lasts?

I have had frown lines treated with 40 units and had good and long-lasting results. Even 8 months later, it had not fully worn off. I went to another... READ MORE

How Long for 70 Units of Dysport to Get out of Your System, So That I Can Use Botox?

How long does it take for 70 units of dysport in glabeller region get out of your system, as I am having weird reactions. I also accidentally slept on... READ MORE

How many units of Dysport for between eyebrows line? (Photo)

How long does dysport last and how many units do I need to fill this line in between my eyebrows? Even when I'm not furrowing my brows, makeup sits in... READ MORE

I'm getting 50 units of Dysport in my forehead and 11 area and it is lasting only 7 weeks. Any suggestions?

I was told it is because of my high metabolism. Is the Dysport being watered down excessively? Am I being swindled? READ MORE

Will Dysport Effects Soften Sooner Than They Dissipate?

Had Dysport on the forehead a week ago for the first time; I am generally happy but feel its just slightly stronger of an effect than I was hoping for... READ MORE

If Dysport spread around lips and nose will that deform my face?

Hello, If Dysport spread around lips and nose will that deform my face ones it's worn off? Also my skin after Dysport is dramatically dry and makes... READ MORE

If I am receiving 300 units of Dysport, how much should I be paying? She is calling it 3 areas

300 units - how much ? 3 areas - how much ? How long should 300 units last me ? READ MORE

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