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Is it safe to have a disport injection when you might be intolerant to lactose?

I have scheduled a dysport injection tomorrow but just read that it contains cow's milk protein. The problem is that I recently discovered that I... READ MORE

How often is it safe to have Dysport injections?

I had 60 units of dysport injected 6 weeks ago and another 10 a week later into my forehead and am now starting to see movement again. Is it too soon... READ MORE

How do I know how many units are injected?

I'm 55 years old and have very good skin. It's just the frowns between my eyes and bellow my eyebrows that bother me. I had bought 100 units of... READ MORE

Eyelid swelling after dysport?

I had minimum dosage of dysport injections approximately four weeks ago after one week I noticed swelling in my eyelids/brow area and at the bridge of... READ MORE

If Botox didn't work, why is injectionist recommending Dysport?

I have had 3 injections of Botox for a crease in between my eyes, it helped but did not resolve the problem. If Botox and Dysport are basically the... READ MORE

Can the straining of my facial muscles due to blowing my nose frequently cause dysport to migrate?

I had dysport injections in my forehead, between my brows and for my crow's feet area. About 2 hours later I was exposed to a cat and wound up blowing... READ MORE

1st dysport injection question. Any ideas? Will this go away?

Just had dysport injected last night. 100 units into forehead, between the eyes and crows feet. Everything is fine other than my left eye. The corner... READ MORE

Dysport was injected into either side of my face and caused my face to droop. Can this be reversed?

100 units of Dysport was injected into the sides of my face and caused my face to droop. Can this be reversed? READ MORE

Why does my dysport fade after only 3 weeks?

I have very deep forehead wrinkles and over my eyes. I alternate between dysport and Botox. Both seem to start wearing off after only a month. During... READ MORE

Cyst after Dysport Injections? (Photos)

I received dysport in forehead along with juvederm in laugh lines. I had a red bump at one injection site that had swelling the size of a silver... READ MORE

Eyebrow wrinkle after Dysport. Any suggestions? (photos)

I got dysport injections 4 days ago. The results kicked in most of my forehead is frozen. When I lift my eyebrows on puRpose there is one wrinkle in... READ MORE

Dysport injection side effects, I had a Dysport injection 2 months ago. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello, The first two weeks I have experienced headaches and nausea .On the left appeared elliptical spot diameter of about 3 cm and above drop zone ... READ MORE

Burning sensation after applying make-up the day after dysport injections. How long will this last? And is this normal?

I received dysport yesterday and have not wanted to touch my forehead at all. I was told the next day i would be fine to go about my daily routine in... READ MORE

23 hours after dysport, facial massage?

I am coming down with Influenza and got Dysport injections yesterday. Today, I rested my forehead on my thumb applying a good amount of pressure... READ MORE

Smile messed up after Dysport injection in masseters. Did my injectionist mess up, did I mess up by sleeping on side? (Photos)

Two weeks ago, I had 40 units of Dysport injected into my masseter muscles for facial slimming. Now my smile is droopy on one side. It's not horrible... READ MORE

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