Glabellar Lines + Dysport

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3 Days After Dysport and No Change to 11 Lines Although Forehead Lines Seem to Be Going

The forehead lines seem to be going slowly from hairline working way down the middle of head, still visable on the outside of forehead but nothing at... READ MORE

Day 6 After Dysport To Glabellar Lines, Still Able to Frown and See Lines, is That Normal?

Day 6 after dysport to glabellar lines, I see a huge improvement with the lines fading but when I frown I still see muscles movement and lines READ MORE

Puckering Skin in Glabellar Area After Dysport

Looking Like the Caveman on Geico Commecial! Dysport 411 Asap Please. I got Dysport in my forehead crease 5 days ago. I've gotten this before in... READ MORE

How to Correct Asymmetrical Muscle Movement After Dysport Injection?

I did dysport injection for the frown lines (10 units) and glabella lines (5 units) 2 days ago, the frown line still present?? and there is an uneven... READ MORE

Dysport injected, not satisfied with results. Why do I still have lines present? (Photo)

Had dysport injected for gabellar lines. First week was good, second week went back and said I'm not satisfied I still have lines. She told me that... READ MORE

10 days after dysport and I can't see any results. Why is this?

I got dysport injections in my forhead for a slight brow lift aswell as between my glabella lines and in my chin (dimply chin when I talk). It has... READ MORE

When will dysport start to go away?

I had 29 units of dysport injected in the glabella lines 4 days ago, I feel sick ever since. Blurred vision come and go, ear pressure, tight forehead... READ MORE

Mouse bioassay still positive 8 months post injection of Dysport

Hello,I was injected with Dysport 8 months ago in my forehead and glabellar lines, fiew hours later my temporal veins swelled up terribly, 2 weeks... READ MORE

If Dysport didn't work, can it be touched up with Botox at the follow up appointment?

I had Dysport injected for my glabella lines and along my brows one week ago. There has been very little effect yet, I still have full movement in my... READ MORE

Can the glabellar get worse after Dysport injection? I'm 1 month post op.

I had dysport injection 4 weeks ago. After two weeks of the first injections, went back and the doctor did a touch up in the glabellar area, but those... READ MORE

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