Frown Lines + Dysport

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Correcting Uneven Eyebrows from Dysport

I am a newly qualified practitioner in aesthetic practice. My client has informed me that one eyebrow has gone slightly higher than the other. I... READ MORE

Long Term Welts and Rashes from Dysport?

Had 85U of Dysport in frown lines, forehead lines and crows feet. 2weeks later I got two red angry rash spots on my left leg. After a week they... READ MORE

Average units of Dysport per area?

Hello: on average, how many units of Dysport would a person need for the following: Forehead lines Frown lines Crows feet Eyebrow lift Dimpled chin... READ MORE

How to Correct Asymmetrical Muscle Movement After Dysport Injection?

I did dysport injection for the frown lines (10 units) and glabella lines (5 units) 2 days ago, the frown line still present?? and there is an uneven... READ MORE

Dysport Wears off After 1 Month?

I have had dysport injections on my frown lines on 3 occasions, with three different clinics. On each occasion it has lasted only 4-5 weeks, after... READ MORE

Will It Be a Better Effect on the Frown Lines if I Get Dysport to Forehead Too? (photo)

I have deep wrinkles between eyebrows (11's) I had dysport to glabellar area looks much better but I can still see these two wrinkles (in... READ MORE

Help First Time User of Dysport?

Hi two days ago I had disport injections to my forehead frown lines and round my eyes done. i'm now getting tingling under my eyes and round my lips... READ MORE

Is 120 units of Dysport enough to cover the forehead, frowns, and crows feet on a male?

My uncle got dysport for the 1st time 6 mo ago and they used 100 for the 11s, eyes, AND forehead and it didn't do much. His eyes aren't bad, but... READ MORE

I don't think my Dysport has lasted as long as normal: Does age decrease the amount of time the Dysport will last? (Photo)

I recently had dysport about 8 weeks ago in my frown line and forehead. Ive had several treatments before but this time its different. It has already... READ MORE

There is a little lump of fluid above my eye after Dysport injection, will it go away? Its been about 3 weeks? (photos)

First time ever first injections upper forehead to soften frown lines, then the little fluid spot that was there disappeared, now he added one or 2... READ MORE

I had dysport injections in my forehead frown lines, after I had a fluid spot, is that normal? How do I get rid of it? (photo)

The Dr said that wasn't good, so he put more dysport above my brows and I have deep creases between my brows. HE SAID I HAD STRONG AND MORE MUSCLES IN... READ MORE

I had a first time injection of Dysport (never used Botox) for frown lines from a dermatologist 11 days ago:eyelid droop (Photo)

When should I start to see an improvement? Should this prevent me from getting any of these injections in the future or could I feel safer with Botox... READ MORE

Poor results with 75 units of Dysport to frown lines. What can I do? (Photo)

Thank you for your time and insight. I received 50 units of Dysport injected into the 5 points across the lower forehead to alleviate frown lines. 10... READ MORE

Paid 675$ for Dysport for frown lines in NY doc's office. Is that too much?

Hi! I noticed I was getting a little bit of a frown line, I'm 33. So I wanted to prevent any more damage. I went to someone I trust who I usually go... READ MORE

Received dysport 10 days ago on just my frown lines, very little results. Is that it? will I still see an improvement?

The dermatologist said she goes by area not units .Can I get more injections or do I have to be miserable and wait? I had 5 injections not sure how... READ MORE

Dysport - Doctor paralyzed middle forehead instead of frown lines. Can it be fixed?

I went to a Dr. for Dysport injections in my frown lines a week ago and he froze the middle of my forehead instead. I don't know why he did that as he... READ MORE

Had Dysport injected in my face three days ago and now have an extremely uncomfortable lumpy feeling in my throat.

I had Dysport injected into my crows feet and frown line between my brows 3 days ago. I have never used Botox or Dysport before this was my first time... READ MORE

When will my tingling stop from my dysport?

I had dysport 16 weeks ago. A few weeks after I had a really bad reaction where my forehead when into major spasms. I've asked a question previously... READ MORE

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