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Dysport for Contouring Lower Face?

Can Dysport be used to contour the lower face? If so, how many units is effective? Is it safe to get a touch-up 3 days later if there is no effect... READ MORE

Will Dysport or Botox Have Less Facial Bruising and Swelling?

Does one (Dysport or Botox) also have a shorter overall recovery time? READ MORE

Dysport's Effect on Facial Expression?

Is it true that Dysport may interfere with facial muscles? Does injection for wrinkles in the corner of the mouth and forehead pose any complications? READ MORE

Does Dysport Have Diffent Side Effects Than Botox?

I have been getting botox for over 5 years, in my recent visit I tried the dysport. In the last aprox 6 weeks later I had to see my eye doctor to find... READ MORE

Could I have a possible allergy to dysport?

2 weeks ago was my second time receiving dysport injections to Frontalis. Within an hour my eyes and face started to swell and itch. I didn't think... READ MORE

Question about Dysport side effects, how long will they last?

I had Dysport about 1.5 weeks ago. Have had some headaches and dizziness for the last week. Headache is more prevalent. Feels like a skull cap and... READ MORE

I want to do Dysport all over my face to make my chubby face narrow. Is it safe? (photo)

I want to do Dysport all over my face to make my chubby face more narrow. Is it safe? READ MORE

Dysport was injected into either side of my face and caused my face to droop. Can this be reversed?

100 units of Dysport was injected into the sides of my face and caused my face to droop. Can this be reversed? READ MORE

Can other parts of the face drop when disport is injected in the forehead?

I was just wondering if your cheeks or sides of face can loose elasticity when dysport is injected in the fore head. I have had dropped eye brows and... READ MORE

Can a lopsided face as a result of Dysport injections be corrected?

My face and smile is lopsided. I went to a see a gp and showed him photos from Xmas as a comparison with how I look now after the Dysport injections... READ MORE

I had Dysport injections and I have developed weird facial lines. Any suggestions?

Vertical lines that start at my eyebrow and go up to my scalp. And some above my mouth. Why did this happen? READ MORE

Dysport has made my face too slim - I look like I don't have a jaw

Had dysport on left side of my face as it was bigger and squarer than my right due to bad grinding - I had it twice on left side and it looked great... READ MORE

Slimming down my face and thinning out my nose area options. (photo)

Hello, looking at my photo, would I benefit from sliming my face and thinning out my nose area using dysport? Or what other non-surgical procedures do... READ MORE

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