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I Am Experiencing What Feels Like Heavy Eyelids 7 Days After Dysport Injections?

I had dysport injected into my frown lines, and crows feet. On day 2 I had terrible dry eyes, but are getting better with the help of some basic... READ MORE

Would Iopodine Work Well with Droopy Eyelid After Dysport

I had Dysport injection on April 28, and noticed that my right eyelid started to droop day 4. I had this done a few times over 2 years but didn't... READ MORE

Dysport, Brow Hooding

Used botox 12 yrs, excellent results. New Dr used dysport. After touch up due to dysport not working, brows dropped and look hooded. Doctor 3rd time... READ MORE

Four Days After Getting Dysport Treatment in the Crows Feet I Felt Heavyness Above my Eyes but my Eyelids Are Not Drooping.

I went to see an opthamologist, and he says that my eyes are fine. What is causing the heavyness above my eyes then? Again, I do not have droopy eye... READ MORE

How is Dysport Used for eyelid spasms?

How often would treatments be needed for Blepharospasm? Monthly? Will it help the same day? READ MORE

Had Dysport in Right Eye About 1 Week Ago. Now What?

Thinking about having left eye done so they will at least match READ MORE

Ptosis after Dysport.

I had Dysport and it made my right eye lid dropped at day 5 , after I visited the Dr again he said it will wear off after 21 days . I wanted to know... READ MORE

Eyelid swelling after dysport?

I had minimum dosage of dysport injections approximately four weeks ago after one week I noticed swelling in my eyelids/brow area and at the bridge of... READ MORE

When will I start to notice improvement in ptosis after Dysport?

I had Dysport 10 days ago. On the 3rd day I started having a terrible headache, and then on the 4th day I noticed my eyelid drooping. By the 6th day,... READ MORE

Lowered brow after dysport - had it 5 days ago. (photos)

So it has been 5 days. I think my brow has dropped and I have very little ability to raise it. I only treated head. Now my eye lids are crowded. How... READ MORE

Will my eyelid ptosis after dysport improve? It's continuing to worsen :( When can I expect to see some improvement?

My procedure was a scar revision on my forehead. My surgeon cut out the old scar, stitched it together, and then he injected my forehead above my left... READ MORE

Long lasting ptosis after botulinum toxin injections over 7 months ago.

Hi doctors .. I had dysport 7.5 month ago. 2 weeks later I developed eyelid ptosis. It still last till now so it's been 7 month now. I know you will... READ MORE

Can other parts of the face drop when disport is injected in the forehead?

I was just wondering if your cheeks or sides of face can loose elasticity when dysport is injected in the fore head. I have had dropped eye brows and... READ MORE

I had Dysport injections in the glabella and above brows 5 weeks ago and have blurred vision and under eye bags, what do I do?

The blurry vision is bothering me most The eyelid ptôsis, although not nearly gone seems a bit better Eye bags are bad READ MORE

Can Dysport effect my vision? What can I do to get rid of watery red/yellow eyes and heavy frozen eyelids and nose?

Dysport 30 units to fore head and glabella. Four days later eyelids and nose numb, whites of eyes glassy, red/yellowish in appearance. Saw... READ MORE

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