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How Do You Correct Eyelid Drooping from Dysport?

I had Dysport injected one week ago to give me a little lift in the brow. About 5 days in I noticed some drooping of the left eyelid and haven't... READ MORE

How Long Can I Safely Use Naphcon A Drops for my Droopy Eyelid After Receiving Dysport?

I woke up with the famed droopy eyelid 4 days after receiving Dysport. After no success getting a prescription from my Dr. I then went to the pharmacy... READ MORE

I Had Dysport Done in My Glabella. My Eye Has Drooped Can This Be Fixed? (photo)

I have sent some pics it is the eye marked with L it is much smaller and when I put make up on I have to hold my eyebrow up ,my right eye is a little... READ MORE

I Had an Injection of Dysport over 4 Months Ago and Now my Right Eyelid is Half Closed?

The doctor is denying that the effects are from Dyosport and wants to operate on the muscle to tighten the muscle in my eye. I have looked at previous... READ MORE

Droopy Eyes After Dysport

My eyes are (WERE) my best feature, and they just look dead now. Is there anything at all out there that can help - soon? READ MORE

Can a steroid correct the droop eyelid side effect of Dysport?

Help! I just don't know what to do. My left eyelid droop and right is high, which I don't mind but wish the other one was too. Everything I've read... READ MORE

Nine Months After Dysport Lower Lid Fell Causing a Line and Bunching Up of Cheeks, Suggestions?

My Harvard Dr. injected my wrinkle free eyes with dysport as a preventative measure. Two days later I noticed my first line on my face. When I smile... READ MORE

Are There Any Early Indications I May End Up with Eye Droop After Dysport Injections?

I had 50 units of Dysport injected 3 days ago. Approx. 30 minutes later I noticed what I would describe as numbness around my right eye. After 3 days... READ MORE

How common are the side effects of Botox/Dysport like drooping eyes and eyebrows? (Photo)

I already had my consultation and am getting 30 units of dysport done on my horizontal forehead lines. My question is, how common are eye droops and... READ MORE

Can hooded eyes from Dysport be corrected naturally? (photos)

I am a 30f had Dysport 9/15/15 and now my eyes seems to droop and look hooded somehow? This is so uncomfortable it feels like lightening bolts and... READ MORE

Is there a way to fix drooping eyelids from too much Dysport? (photos)

I had 100 units of Desport put into my forehead and brows and now I have the eyelids of a 65 year old woman. Just wondering if there is anything that... READ MORE

I had a first time injection of Dysport (never used Botox) for frown lines from a dermatologist 11 days ago:eyelid droop (Photo)

When should I start to see an improvement? Should this prevent me from getting any of these injections in the future or could I feel safer with Botox... READ MORE

I had Dysport injected around eyes on 23rd January, which resulted in a very droopy eyelid. Is this permanent?

I had Dysport injected around eyes on 23rd January....result, a very droopy eyelid, I look like something from a horror movie...so I paid $612 to look... READ MORE

Dysport eyelid droop? (Photos)

I received Dysport two weeks ago in my forehead and crows feet. My left upper eyelid skin is now drooping. My right eyelid has always been slightly... READ MORE

Can you use Alphagan to treat drooping eyelids after dysport? (Photo)

I received Dysport 8 days ago now I know have one eye almost closed and the other eye is protruding..I went back to the Dr. he gave me Alphagan to try... READ MORE

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