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Dysport Side Effects - What Are Common Complications?

Thinking about getting Dysport for wrinkles in my forehead area. Can the doctors share what are the side effects they are seeing with Dysport so... READ MORE

How Long Does Droopy Eyebrow Last After Having Dysport Side Effect?

I was administered dysport in between brows. why did my eyes fall or drop to my lashes and how long will it stay like that ? READ MORE

How Long for Small Amount of Dysport to Wear Off?

I recently had only 15 units of dysport injected into my forehead. I feel like I have the heaviness of the forehead and slightly droopy eyebrows but... READ MORE

Would Iopodine Work Well with Droopy Eyelid After Dysport

I had Dysport injection on April 28, and noticed that my right eyelid started to droop day 4. I had this done a few times over 2 years but didn't... READ MORE

Dysport Nightmare... Should I Try It Again with Another Dermatologist?

I'm 44, a BC Derm in my area injected 3 doses of Dysport on each side of the outer crow's feet area, 1 dose just under my eyebrow towards the... READ MORE

Can I Use a Muscle Stimulator to Reverse the Effect of Dysport?

After recieving Dysport I noticed 5 days later that the right side of my face is a little droopy. When I smile I cant see my teeth on one side. I have... READ MORE

Will drooping eyebrows from Dysport get any worse after a week?

8 days ago I got Dysport injected into my forehead for the first time. I was very concerned not to look frozen and still have some eyebrow movement.... READ MORE

How can I correct a heavy brow after Dysport? How long will it take for relief? Suggestions? Fillers? Surgery?

I was injected with dysport into my forehead and brow.I asked to have my movement remain, just to soften the lines. In 1 week my right brow was... READ MORE

Dysport has ended my life

Hello can't explain how debress iam I had dysport 13 month ago and I still have the ugly effect in my face droopy eyebrow look freak can I know till... READ MORE

Dilution rate of Dysport and Botox?

Could you please advise what the dilution rate is for botox and dysport. I have asked my injectionist to give me the minimum dilution of dysport and... READ MORE

Dysport overdosed? Please help my Spock eyebrow.

My ps injected me total 5 Units of dysport in my forehead, but it caused my eyebrow droop quite significantly..... I am wondering if it is overdosed?... READ MORE

Had dysport a month ago in my forehead. My eye brows have dropped in the front and my eyelids are drooping over my eye. Advice?

Just want to make sure this really is temporary my eyelids are almost covering my entire eye and eye brows like spok looks and feels tear able. Thank... READ MORE

Smile messed up after Dysport injection in masseters. Did my injectionist mess up, did I mess up by sleeping on side? (Photos)

Two weeks ago, I had 40 units of Dysport injected into my masseter muscles for facial slimming. Now my smile is droopy on one side. It's not horrible... READ MORE

Dysport was injected into either side of my face and caused my face to droop. Can this be reversed?

100 units of Dysport was injected into the sides of my face and caused my face to droop. Can this be reversed? READ MORE

Iopidine drops for droopy eyelid after dysport. Can they cause eye irritation and redness?

I am 11 weeks past my dysport injection and while my eyebrow and lid have improved, they both are still droopy and not back to normal. My Dr.... READ MORE

Dysport in crows feet and bunny lines, facial droop. Is there any solution?

I had dysport in crows feet and bunny lines a month ago. She injected under my eye and bunny lines and my face has completely dropped. My upper lip... READ MORE

1-week post-op: severe droop in the middle of my brows and what looks like "bruised eyes" after Dysport what do I do? (Photos)

1 week ago I had 45 units of Dysport on my forehead (I cant move my forehead now) and 20 units in my frown line (which hasn't seemed to... READ MORE

Why does one eyebrow droop after LESS Dysport than the other?

I got 3 units on the left side and 1 unit on the right and my right has dropped!! It happened the first time so we didn't do any units on the right... READ MORE

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