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How Much Does Dysport Cost?

What is the average cost of getting Dysport injections for wrinkles? I'm hoping the cost of Dysport injections will be cheaper than the Botox price. READ MORE

Do I Really Need Double Dysport to Get Same Effect of Botox?

I was told that I need double 50 units of Dysport to get the same effect of 25 units of Botox. Is this true or is the place I called trying to get me... READ MORE

Will Dysport Be Just $4/unit Everywhere?

I saw an office advertising Dysport for $4/unit - they said treatment for glabellar lines will be just $200! Is this too good to be true? READ MORE

Which Treatment is More Cost Effective: Dysport or Botox?

Please explain the cheapest option, as well as which is the better buy, based on results and need for repeat treatments. READ MORE

What is the average price for a first time Dysport injection? .

Mild wrinkles for crows feet, bunny line, and forehead. READ MORE

Are Rebates Based on Area or Syringe?

Two weeks ago I had Dysport to lift eyebrows and reduce crowsfeet. The promo was a $50 rebate from Dysport and $50 savings from the Dr. He suggested... READ MORE

What is Average Price for Dysport in the Midwest? I've Found Everything from $5.50/u to $11/u at Facilities Only Miles Apart.

I'd love to know the cost from pharmacy to provider. The facilities I go to have basically same amenities and staff skill and experience but one is... READ MORE

How much would Dysport cost? (Photo)

Get rid of the deep wrinkle between my eyebrows and and wrinkles on the sides of my mouth. I look mad all the time. Do I need to do this just once.... READ MORE

If I am receiving 300 units of Dysport, how much should I be paying? She is calling it 3 areas

300 units - how much ? 3 areas - how much ? How long should 300 units last me ? READ MORE

I had Dysport injected around eyes on 23rd January, which resulted in a very droopy eyelid. Is this permanent?

I had Dysport injected around eyes on 23rd January....result, a very droopy eyelid, I look like something from a horror I paid $612 to look... READ MORE

Paid 675$ for Dysport for frown lines in NY doc's office. Is that too much?

Hi! I noticed I was getting a little bit of a frown line, I'm 33. So I wanted to prevent any more damage. I went to someone I trust who I usually go... READ MORE

Cost of Dysport (photo)

Hi I recently moved to Seattle and am wanted to get the below Dysport done. What would the cost be? Happy to work with an RN to reduce prices. Thanks! READ MORE

Did I get a good deal for Dysport in my Armpits?

I went to the doctor tonight to get Dysport injection in my armpit. I was told the FDA reccomended dose was 50 units per armpit and was charged $300... READ MORE

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