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Cheeks and Mouth Affected by Dysport for Crow's Feet

Had Dysport for crowsfeet (no under eye injections) and forehead. Cheeks and mouth corners will not raise and is uneven. What happened?!? Eyelids feel... READ MORE

Can Dysport in crows feet effect cheeks?

Hi there, I had dysport injected in my crows feet & she also injected under my eyes which is terrible, but I'm wondering if that would prevent my eyes... READ MORE

Horizontal cheek line when smiling after dysport. How can I fix it? (Photo)

Hello, I recently received Dysport around my eyes and crows feet. As you can see from my pics one side of my face is great when smiling but the other... READ MORE

Given Dysport on forehead/near eyes then CO2 laser. Lips seem fine. I can't make my usual wide smile. Can't bring my mouth up.

Dysport and laser treatment given four week ago. Injections were above/below/between eyebrows. My forehead is very tight and smooth. My eyes appear... READ MORE

Dysport and eye bags. Will a gentle massage in the area help dissipate the fluid retention?

I got dysport today and was injected on the side of my eye and upper outer cheek to reduce crows feet. I knew this was a bad idea as I've had this... READ MORE

Can Dysport injections in cheeks be reversed quickly?

I asked Cosmetic Centre for filler but they said I didn't need it and gave me Dysport which changed the shape of my face. I am very unhappy, my face... READ MORE

Can Dysport in crows feet cause cheeks to wrinkle more when smiling?

I had 20 units each side for crows feet and since then I've noticed heaps of fine lines on me cheeks when I smile. It's horrible and they definitely... READ MORE

Did Dysport Travel into my cheek, lower jaw and part of my neck or can it be nerve damage?

I had Dysport injected as a touch up 2 weeks after 50 units. Had between my eyes done and crows feet. Immediately after I was injected between the... READ MORE

Why is my head still burning 2 months after Dysport?

I had Dysport 2 months ago and my whole head is burning. Eyes ( I use eyedrops), my forehead, and my cheeks. It gets worst at nights. How long can... READ MORE

I had Dysport infections, doc said it would help headaches and some other symptoms. Any suggestion? (photo)

Injected it under my eye by my cheek and ever since then my smile has been slightly asymmetrical. I have NEVER HAD an aysmmetrical smile.Ive also... READ MORE

I got Dysport on Wednesday and today noticed my right cheek is a lot more swollen than my left cheek.

I'm super scared my face is messed up this was just supposed to be for crows feet and forehead. Doctor hasn't got back to me yet is there anything i... READ MORE

Can other parts of the face drop when disport is injected in the forehead?

I was just wondering if your cheeks or sides of face can loose elasticity when dysport is injected in the fore head. I have had dropped eye brows and... READ MORE

Dysport treatment to crows feet 2 weeks ago: I look horrible! (photos)

Since getting it done my crows feet have dissapeared. I had dysport treatment to my crows feet 2 weeks ago and I look horrible!! Since getting it... READ MORE

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