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Does Dysport Cause Indentions in the Skin After You Have It Done?

I had Dysport done to my forehead a couple of months ago. I actually had to go back because it didn't take in the upper portion of my forehead. I... READ MORE

Dysport Injected in my Chin Second Time Around and Raised Lump Formed?

I had had Dysport injected to help with pebble chin about 2 months ago and saw amazing results. Recently I had a small about injected in the middle... READ MORE

Cheeks and Mouth Affected by Dysport for Crow's Feet

Had Dysport for crowsfeet (no under eye injections) and forehead. Cheeks and mouth corners will not raise and is uneven. What happened?!? Eyelids feel... READ MORE

What is the Significance of a Rash After a Dysport Treatment?

I read in a patient's review she got rashes and itchy welts after Dysport ( READ MORE

Dysport Gone Wrong: Can This Be Fixed? When Will This Resolve? Is There a Treatment? (photo)

Hi, I went to a reputable plastic surgeon but something went really wrong. I am NOT frowning in the second picture. That is how it looks, -completely-... READ MORE

I Had an Injection of Dysport over 4 Months Ago and Now my Right Eyelid is Half Closed?

The doctor is denying that the effects are from Dyosport and wants to operate on the muscle to tighten the muscle in my eye. I have looked at previous... READ MORE

I got injected with Dysport 2 weeks ago and 5 days ago. I started to have major pimples on my forehead, is it caused by Dysport?

Is there something i can do about this? It is getting worst everyday. I even stopped washing my face with my ususal facial wash in case and even... READ MORE

Swelling still months after Dysport. What could this be? Doc said adverse reaction. Could it be an infection inside? (Photo)

Will this go away? Swelling is worse when I lift eye brow. Could fluid be stuck in pockets in my forehead. What's the best approach. What doc would be... READ MORE

What could cause my left eye looking lazy after Dysport and Juvederm?

In the matter of one week I got both Dysport and jovederm done and after few days my left eye started looking like its lazy and it the left eyelid... READ MORE

Is there an issue with a Dysport injection in my forehead (for wrinkles) and having sinus complications?

I am seeing a Dr. for sinuses. Should I bring this up to them (about the Dysport)? And need to know is there is a relationship between this drug and... READ MORE

Dysport wearing off too soon?

I was injected with Dysport 4-1/2 weeks ago in glabellar, forehead areas. Don't know how many units, but went with what the doctor recommended. Had a... READ MORE

Can dysport cause light sensitivity in the eyes?

I am a 50 yr old female who has had dysport injections to around both eye areas, between the eye brow and the forehead 2-3 times per year for the last... READ MORE

Why does Dysport on my 11s between eyebrows cause a vertical wrinkle on the outer half of eyebrow to become deeper?

I expressed my concern to the doctor. He then injected a very small amount above the outer half of both eyebrows which he said would eliminate... READ MORE

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