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I have lowered brow after dysport to forehead only. Can it be fixed? (photos)

I got 50 units of dysport to my forehead and just a drop to the bunny line over my nose. I didn't have lines at my glabella nor at my crows feet so... READ MORE

I had dysport put into my forehead 11 days ago, my brow has dropped and my eyes are small and puffy! How long will this last?

Had 25 units injected. First time trying something like this. Hate the way my eyes have squashed down. Can't even apply eye makeup! Cant move eynrows... READ MORE

How can I correct a heavy brow after Dysport? How long will it take for relief? Suggestions? Fillers? Surgery?

I was injected with dysport into my forehead and brow.I asked to have my movement remain, just to soften the lines. In 1 week my right brow was... READ MORE

Dysport used on glabella and brow lift but now have new and increased lines on upper forehead. (Photo)

I've already posted regarding my Dysport experience and that I was under dosed with just 50 units total for my glabella (40U) and 10U for my "brow... READ MORE

How safe is it to have long-term maintenance injections of Dysport?

Every 3 months, I receive Dysport injections for crow’s feet, bunny lines, neck bands, brow wrinkles, and in the chin area. Could these injections e... READ MORE

10 days after dysport and I can't see any results. Why is this?

I got dysport injections in my forhead for a slight brow lift aswell as between my glabella lines and in my chin (dimply chin when I talk). It has... READ MORE

Is there a way to fix drooping eyelids from too much Dysport? (photos)

I had 100 units of Desport put into my forehead and brows and now I have the eyelids of a 65 year old woman. Just wondering if there is anything that... READ MORE

5 weeks post op, will this lump from Dysport resolve by itself? (photos)

Had Dysport between brows & forehead 5 weeks ago. At 2 weeks a lump appeared on left eyebrow. It goes above the eyebrow and hangs down under the... READ MORE

Does Dysport ever completely leave your system?

70 units in forehead and center of brows. Love the look, but stiff neck 11 days later. Not completely numb but to touch back of neck, throat, and... READ MORE

Possible to achieve this exotic, wide-eyed result via dysport brow lift from very plain hooded eyes? Cost?

My question is regarding a dysport brow lift. I'm enclosing a photo of a certain celebrity female who has clearly had the procedure (as confirmed by... READ MORE

I had an allergic reaction to restylane. My eyelids are swollen and am having trouble swallowing. Is dysport the same drug?

I had 30units of dysport in between my brows. 1month later had 60unit added my forehead n brows. A week later the pa recommend restylane. Had 1/2 of... READ MORE

Lowered brow after dysport - had it 5 days ago. (photos)

So it has been 5 days. I think my brow has dropped and I have very little ability to raise it. I only treated head. Now my eye lids are crowded. How... READ MORE

Will my brow muscles be where they once were when Dysport wears off? Just don't want recruited muscles to take over

Hi I am having some muscle recruitment from a bad dysport experience. only the sides of my eyebrows will go up and back in a way. really strange... READ MORE

Had Dysport injected in my face three days ago and now have an extremely uncomfortable lumpy feeling in my throat.

I had Dysport injected into my crows feet and frown line between my brows 3 days ago. I have never used Botox or Dysport before this was my first time... READ MORE

I had Dysport injections in the glabella and above brows 5 weeks ago and have blurred vision and under eye bags, what do I do?

The blurry vision is bothering me most The eyelid ptôsis, although not nearly gone seems a bit better Eye bags are bad READ MORE

High eyebrow from surgery as a child. Dysport to lower? Brow transplant? Reverse brow lift? balloon skin expansion? Help.

Had birthmark removed as infant causing one brow to be raised. A few days ago, I got 16 units of Dysport injected evenly b/c my lines were so deep.... READ MORE

I recently had 60 units of Dysport in my forehead. I hate it! Is there a way to make it fade faster?

I recently had 60 units of Dysport injected in my forehead and I hate it!!!! I feel like my brow line is very heavy and straight across. How long will... READ MORE

Is there any medication to take to help off set the side affects of dysport?

I received about 200 units between the eyes and above the brow .. every since then I can't take a deep breath and it's very hard to swallow .. it... READ MORE

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