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Dysport Vs. Botox - What's the Difference?

How is Dysport different from Botox? Is it cheaper? Is it better? READ MORE

How Much Does Dysport Cost?

What is the average cost of getting Dysport injections for wrinkles? I'm hoping the cost of Dysport injections will be cheaper than the Botox price. READ MORE

Advantage of Dysport over BOTOX?

It sounds like it might last a little longer? Is it possible that folks who have built up a resistance to Botox might experience relief from Dysport? READ MORE

Dysport Side Effects - What Are Common Complications?

Thinking about getting Dysport for wrinkles in my forehead area. Can the doctors share what are the side effects they are seeing with Dysport so... READ MORE

Does Dysport Last Longer Than Botox?

I've heard that supposedly Dysport (Reloxin) is better than Botox because the Dysport lasts longer.  Has anyone else heard this?  Does the... READ MORE

Dysport Recovery

I'm considering getting Dysport but I want to know what the typical recovery is like. Is a couple of hours enough? Or will there be bruising or... READ MORE

Dysport in the Same Quantity As Botox for the Same Result?

Should I have the same number of Dysport units as Botox for the same results? READ MORE

Do I Really Need Double Dysport to Get Same Effect of Botox?

I was told that I need double 50 units of Dysport to get the same effect of 25 units of Botox. Is this true or is the place I called trying to get me... READ MORE

Where Should Dysport Be Injected to Raise Eyebrow Corner?

Where would you inject Botox or Dysport to correct slight drooping of corner of the eyebrow? READ MORE

What is Dysport?

Can you give more information about the wrinkle treatment called Dysport? READ MORE

Is There a Dysport Rebate?

One of my friends was telling me she heard something about a Dysport rebate similar to what Botox has done in the past. Is this true that a Dysport... READ MORE

Will Dysport Be Just $4/unit Everywhere?

I saw an office advertising Dysport for $4/unit - they said treatment for glabellar lines will be just $200! Is this too good to be true? READ MORE

How Does Dysport Spread in Forehead Without Side Effects?

If Dysport spreads more than Botox and "rocks the forehead," is there a greater potential for side effects in other areas, like the brow... READ MORE

Which Treatment is More Cost Effective: Dysport or Botox?

Please explain the cheapest option, as well as which is the better buy, based on results and need for repeat treatments. READ MORE

Will the Dysport Launch Affect Botox Prices?

Will a Dysport injection 2009 launch affect Botox prices?  I've heard people talking like Botox cost might drop if the Reloxin launch happens... READ MORE

Reduce Chin / Mentalis Size with Botox or Dysport?

I have a protruding chin largely due to a big, ball-like mentalis muscle. I've heard about reducing masetter size with injectables, but would this... READ MORE

Dysport for Contouring Lower Face?

Can Dysport be used to contour the lower face? If so, how many units is effective? Is it safe to get a touch-up 3 days later if there is no effect... READ MORE

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