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How Long for Small Amount of Dysport to Wear Off?

I recently had only 15 units of dysport injected into my forehead. I feel like I have the heaviness of the forehead and slightly droopy eyebrows but... READ MORE

Dysport Wears off After 1 Month?

I have had dysport injections on my frown lines on 3 occasions, with three different clinics. On each occasion it has lasted only 4-5 weeks, after... READ MORE

Dysport 3 Months Ago Between Eyes. When Will it Wear Off?

Hello pleas I had dysport 3 month ago and I had a rely bad experience and iam waiting for it to wear off iam 29 years old and think I shouldn't do it... READ MORE

Can hooded eyes from Dysport be corrected naturally? (photos)

I am a 30f had Dysport 9/15/15 and now my eyes seems to droop and look hooded somehow? This is so uncomfortable it feels like lightening bolts and... READ MORE

Is it normal for Dysport to wear off so quickly?

The first use of Dysport lasted me just under 3 months. I did my forehead only not inbetween my eyebrows. I just recently did it a second time for my... READ MORE

Can Dysport cause headaches and tingling sensation in head and arm also horrible dark eye bags?

Im 30 and received dysport for the first time have had botox once 5 months prior. So two months ago I received dysport and two weeks later woke up... READ MORE

Not enough Dysport injected for my Glabella area? (photo)

I'm 27 y/o & went to get Botox for my Glabella area 4 days ago. The Dr. said he prefers Dysport because it works quicker & is slightly longer lasting.... READ MORE

Paid 675$ for Dysport for frown lines in NY doc's office. Is that too much?

Hi! I noticed I was getting a little bit of a frown line, I'm 33. So I wanted to prevent any more damage. I went to someone I trust who I usually go... READ MORE

Horrible dark under eye bags after Dysport to glabella region only. Will this ever get better?

Hi I had 20-24 units cant remember correctly to my glabella only two weeks post injection I woke up with fluid and darkness under my eyes it has been... READ MORE

I recently received dysport and am wondering if I got the proper amount? (Photos)

I'm 29 y/o and when I walked in, the first woman (some sort of skin assessment/MD assistant) told me I was "too young" to be there. When my MD came... READ MORE

How do I treat wrinkles caused by Botox in crows feet? Will a tear trough filler work? (photo)

I recently got Botox for the first time to help lift the tail end of my eyebrows and open up my eyes. The nurse injected Botox into the tail end of my... READ MORE

I am only 30 years old, but have very strong facial muscles and thinner skin. Why is it not taking?

I received 50 units of botox in October at one cosmetic office. It was gone by end of November. I received another 38 units the beginning of December... READ MORE

Number of dysport units needed to treat distinct frown line between brows, forehead lines & lines below/corner of eyes? (photos)

I'm 26 and I intend on having treatment for the first time. I'm mainly concerned about the line between my brows. It's very distinct when I frown. I... READ MORE

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