1 Day Post-op + Dysport

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Distance Running After Dysport, Safe?

I run 6-8 miles almost everyday and had my first Dysport injection yesterday. If I run 8 miles 24 hours after my treatment, should I be worried about... READ MORE

I Had Dysport First Time About 16 Hours Ago. Swelling at the 2 Injection Sites Above the Medial Sides of my Eyebrows? (photo)

How long will this take to go away? Should I expect drooping? Did I get too much in those sites that are swollen? Can I do anything at home to make it... READ MORE

Can I Continue Breast Feeding After Having Azzalure Injected to my Forehead?

I have a 5 month old son who is breast fed... I had botox for the 1st time yesterday. The nurse who gave me the injection was aware I had a baby but... READ MORE

Can Dysport Keep You Awake at Night?

I've had 16 units injected around the eyes today at 10.30am. It is now 2.30am and I can't seem to get to sleep. I don't normally have insomnia, so was... READ MORE

Eye floaters - is Dysport the cause?

Got day over Dysport injections yesterday over eyebrows and on crows feets. Woke up with very redirritated eyes this morning. I have had existing... READ MORE

Dysport treatment day after, is this normal? (photos)

Hello, I had my first Dysport injection yesterday. 50units for my 11lines between my eyebrows. This morning i noticed i can move my forehead and... READ MORE

What are the typical side effects for Dysport and the recommended dosage for the forehead area?

I received 140 units of Dysport in my forehead yesterday. in the past I had Botox of 15-20 units every six months. That amount smoothed my forehead so... READ MORE

1 day post op after dysport and my eyebrow seems arched and higher than the other. Is this normal?

I had disport in forehead and crowsfeet yesterday woke up this am and one eyebrow is arched up in middle and the other one isn't, I see a bit of... READ MORE

How soon can laser be done after Dysport? (photo)

I had dysport today and was thinking about doing laser sometime soon. I don't want to schedule too soon after dysport. READ MORE

23 hours after dysport, facial massage?

I am coming down with Influenza and got Dysport injections yesterday. Today, I rested my forehead on my thumb applying a good amount of pressure... READ MORE

Burning sensation after applying make-up the day after dysport injections. How long will this last? And is this normal?

I received dysport yesterday and have not wanted to touch my forehead at all. I was told the next day i would be fine to go about my daily routine in... READ MORE

Annoying weird thing happening in left eye. Will it go away?

Just had dysport injected last night. 100 units into forehead, between the eyes and crows feet. Everything is fine other than my left eye. The corner... READ MORE

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